Food Travel // The New Places at Tunjungan Plaza 6

October 12, 2017

Hello again guys!
Recently another mall has opened (or actually extended 😅) in Surabaya, it is called Tunjungan Plaza 6 (TP 6). Yes, it has 6 different sections of the mall now, you can imagine how big it is. As the new mall was opened, there were a lot of new stores that were opened there too of course. Today, I'm going to take you to a visual adventure of my (food) discoveries in this newest mall in town 😂 Let's just start!

First of all, I truly just couldn't skip this store: Ezo Hokkaido Cheesecakes & Bakery! They were having a promo at that time, so you can buy 6 cheese tarts and get another 6 for free. What a nice offer, right? My friends and I bought 2 dozens and each of us got 6 delicious flavors to try to. My favorites one were the Marshmallow, White Almond, and Tiramisu Cheesebomb. I ultimately forgot to buy the original-flavored one, but my friends said that the original one was the best one. So, yeahh, maybe I'll try it some other time.

I also visited Maison Feerie because I just wanted to try the Green Tea Cannoli so freakin' bad! Of course it didn't disappoint me at all 😋

My friends and I also made a stop to Almond Tree Cakes & Pastries to redeem our brochures with their delicious cakes. I got the brochure from the branch of the store at Pakuwon Mall, and I could redeem one brochure with one cake (I got 3 brochures!!). Free cakes are just awesome, aren't they? 😂 However I must admit that the cake did taste amazing. I'm eager to try some of their cakes again later.

Well, it's not part of TP 6, but we were having dinner at Sushitei which was located at TP 5 😂 My friends just craved for the salad, so they decided to stop by. The portion of the salad was enormous though! I ended up eating half of my boyfriend's salad, and with the free refillable ocha, my stomach just got full so easily 😆

Finally, my main reason to go to the mall on that day was to have a Tumbler Day at Starbucks! Here I was ordering my Tall Iced Caramel Macchiato with my lovely tumbler at the newest branch at the mall (they have like 4 Starbucks within the same mall now? It's just crazy!)

That was the end of day 1.

The next day, I decided to visit it again because I wanted to get a promo from an eyewear shop called O.W.L. They were having a buy-1-get-2 for their glasses, and since my brother was looking for a new glasses, I thought it's also a chance for me to update my glasses! It's been almost 5 years since I last went to check my eye. Here are the two glasses we bought:

Afterwards, we were having lunch at the food court called Pasarame. We enjoyed some tasty food here and I kind of dig the vibe of this place. I had two delicious food here: Nasi Goreng Rawon and Martabak Mesir. I recommend you to try them both, because I totally love them!

There are still a lot of places I haven't visited, but hey they were just opened for 2-3 weeks? I still got a lot of time to check them out the next time I went there again.

I guess that's all for now, and see you again on my next post!
Have a great day today! 😁

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