Food Travel // September 2017

October 18, 2017

Hello again!
We're in the middle of October already, it's just pretty insane. Alright, today I will show my culinary adventure to you. Let's just start before October ends, shall we? 😉

Starting the month by visiting the opening of the first ever store of Uniqlo in Surabaya! I was so excited because I love this brand so much! Look, the first few hundreds people got a free bottle of coffee from Volks! Nice ☺

Then it was time for a snack from Hapsari. The siomay and tofu are just the bomb.

Had lunch with my family at Qua-Li Noodle & Rice. I didn't really eat, so I just took some pictures here and there.

These were my ultimate snacks for the month: Kripik Singkong Rasa Bawang Putih and Makaroni! Just writing about it making me drool 😋

The one thing you shouldn't miss when going to Pasar Atom is the food! Love them all! ❤

An evening break at my office with Migelas 😂

The really cheesy donut I got from the Friday fellowship. Totally salty because of the amount of the cheese there.

Found this Koko Krunch bar that is way too sweet for me 😅

Had a taste of autumn with this Maple Pecan Latte Frappuccino from Starbucks. I didn't know what the barista was thinking, but he decided to put the maple syrup and sprinkled the pecan first before finally putting the whip cream on top. I was like.. Hmm.. Okay.. Therefore, that's the final result of my drink, delicious, but less pretty.

Here I was at the newest Wendy's branch at Pakuwon Mall on one Saturday evening.

Visiting Kaldee's again with my friends. That day I tried their Aglio Olio Spaghetti and it was quite spicy, yet I love it. The gigantic garlic breads did help making me feel so full.

This cute little Taro cone ice cream by Aice was such a great afternoon treat.

My first attempt on cooking aglio olio pasta. The garlic flavor wasn't strong enough though, better luck next time 😅

I love how Indomilk now has a broader milk flavors like this melon one, and also the banana. Love it ❤

Another office treat!

Celebrating my father's birthday! 😆

My mom got this La Reia's mini cupcake from the opening of Uniqlo at Pakuwon Mall. They're so cute, aren't they? 😍

Always loving this Pastry Stick from Roti Boy ❤

Japanese food time after the holy matrimony of our dear friend! We were enjoying this delicious lunch at Hachi Hachi while having a nice catch up time.

I was so happy for one of my friends' wedding day. You can see all the food we had and the situation of the reception at the Sheraton Hotel from the photos above.

Tried out this menu called Ayam Bumbu RW at my favorite Manado restaurant at PTC. Usually in Manado, they're using dog meat for this particular RW sauce. Thankfully, they're using chicken here 😅

Spiced up my McDonald's fries with this Barbeque Chili Shake Shake! 😁

Having lunch with my office mates at the popular Bakso Pak Djo. It was quite crowded, and I just love the fried tofu so much 😋

Loving this Ayam Penyet Kremes from Bebek Pak Jenggot at PTC. Will definitely visit this place again, since I really enjoy the sambal 😋

Checking out these new snacks from Chitato. Honestly, I just love them both.

My second attempt on aglio olio pasta, and yes it's much tastier than before! Yeahh! 🙌

Loving this new bread from de Melly's Bakery. I simply love the food which is crunchy 😋

I was there on the opening of Tunjungan Plaza 6! Check out my days exploring the new mall on my blog post here.

This plate of fried rice just shows a lot of love from my mother ☺

A biscuit from abroad (don't really remember the country, Singapore perhaps?) which was almost expired. So, I ate about 6-8 small packages of it in two days 😂

I just found another chili sauce that I truly love! It's Little Dragon Chili Sauce! All chili lovers obviously have to try this one. There are 10 sachets in each box, and now I have run out of mine. Should buy another box I guess 😝

Here I was snacking Chitato Mie Goreng Kornet again.. 😝

Here I was learning to decorate icing cookies! It was such a fun and unforgettable afternoon. You can also see my other pasta dish/lunch on the photos above. It was quite a random creation, and surprisingly it tasted quite good! This is why baking and cooking are really fun 😁

Having a farewell potluck for some of my office mates who were resigning from the office. Best of luck for all of them 😊

The last treat I enjoyed in September was this Superior Pure Cocoa with Coffee Jelly from Chatime! My friends and I decided to buy them because there was a promotion at that time. We enjoyed this drink before finally going to the cinema and watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle! 🙌

Alright, so that's all from September.
Hope you enjoy this little post and I can't wait to see you on my next post!
Have a great mid-week everybody! 😄

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