December 2015 Favorites

December 31, 2015

Hello everyone!
So, starting this month I've decided to post my monthly favorite things in my blog! It's simply because I really like to go back and find out about what stuff that I used to like. Therefore, I will dedicate this monthly favorites to my future-self, and also to everyone who shares the same interests with me. Enjoy~ ;)

This December hasn't really been the greatest month for me. However, I still managed to find some things to bring more joy to it. Here are some of the things that I enjoyed the most this December:

Zoella & MoreZoella Youtube Channel

I've subscribed to her channel for a while, but this month I really fell in love with her videos, because she was doing 24 Days of Zoella and Vlogmas to celebrate Christmas. I really love Christmas and the build up moment to it, so watching her getting all pumped up for Christmas was really exciting! I just can't wait to watch her videos next year! She also made me found a lot of amazing Youtube channels like: Pointless Blog, Sacconejolys, etc. I just enjoy watching a lot of youtubers' videos lately.
Check out her channels:  Main Channel (Zoella)  |  Vlog Channel (MoreZoella)

EXO - Sing For You - Winter Special Album

This month, EXO released another Christmas album and I was listening to it most of the time. My favorite songs from this album are 'Girl x Friend' and the bonus track 'Lightsaber'. I really love the melody of 'Girl x Friend' and the lyrics are beautiful too. I didn't really enjoy 'Lightsaber' that much when I first heard it few months ago, but this month I suddenly loved it very much. It made me anticipated Star Wars Episode VII a lot!

Star Wars

I hadn't finished watching all the Star Wars films before, but I managed to watch them all this month. I re-watched all the films within three days and I loved them. I really enjoyed watching Han Solo and Leia's scenes. I ship them so much! That's why I was kind of heartbroken when I watched the seventh film on IMAX (spoiler alert!). However, I think I really enjoyed watching Rey (since she was pretty and strong) and I just can't wait to see how this character will develop in the next film.

Throwback & Nostalgia

I cleaned my room and laptop this month, and I found a lot of memories. I was giggling and smiling most of the time when I found these old nostalgic stuff. I just couldn't resist to upload some of the old photos on my Instagram. I guess that's the fun of cleaning right? Finding your old stuff, full of past memories.

Michael Bublé - Christmas Album

It doesn't feel like December without more and more Christmas music! After watching Zoella's vlogmas, I was interested to have a go with Michael Bublé's Christmas album and I loved it! My favorite song in this album is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). I was listening to this album on Joox App, since my iPhone couldn't synchronize with my laptop.

Allure Japanese Green Tea Latte

I never really liked green tea before, but this year I was beginning to like it more. I was looking for this drink for quite a while and found it this month. It was quite expensive but it's worth the taste.

Matoh Cassava Chips

My mother and I bought this chips in a market at SSCC (Supermal Surabaya Convention Center) and it was delicious! I was trying so hard not to eat them all in such a short amount of time. We bought a few flavors and I liked every single one of them, but I think the balado one is my favorite.

These are my December 2015 favorites. Hope you can find some new things to enjoy!
Thank you for reading. Happy new year's eve! :)

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