Quick Getaway to Jakarta! | Attending Suju KRY Concert

January 22, 2016

On new year's day, I was on my way to Jakarta with my aunt. The purpose of me going to the capital was to accompany my cousin watching Super Junior KRY concert. I wasn't a fan of Super Junior, but I do love K-Pop and SMTown. Furthermore, she didn't have anyone to accompany her, so I just went for it. 

The concert was on January 2nd, so on the first day, my cousin, my aunt, my aunt's friend, and I went around town. Basically we went to the malls and shopping centers, where else would female like to go, right? I also went to the one place that I couldn't miss, Kinokuniya! This bookstore isn't available yet in my city, so whenever I have the chance to visit it, I will take that chance! Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything there, because I didn't really bring that much money to buy imported books. So.. yeah.. I was just seeing all the books there and wishing one day I will be able to buy some of them.

I really want this!!
Zoe's novels! :)
We went to three shopping malls that day (Mangga Dua Square, Plaza Senayan, and Lotte Shopping Avenue), and on the last place, I finally found the cafe that I had been wanting to visit since last year! Caffe Bene! It's a cafe originated from South Korea and I had been dying to try its bingsu (Korean shaved ice). I did visit one of its branch in Myeongdong when I was in Korea last September, but the bingsu was sold out, so I didn't get the chance to try it. That's why I was so happy to finally try one. I bought the cookies and cream bingsu, and since our purchase was over 100,000 rupiahs, we got free iced green tea latte. We were chilling out at the cafe while enjoying our drinks and enormous dessert. This bingsu was the regular-sized one, four people were eating it, and we ended up so full that we didn't have our dinner anymore. It's a perfect dessert for when you're hanging out with a bunch of friends.

The second day has arrived and it's the concert day! We went to Tangerang, it's about one-hour drive away from West Jakarta. My cousin and I were dropped at the venue, ICE (Indonesia Convention Exhibition), while my aunt and her friend went to AEON Mall, waiting for  us. We were waiting for few hours before we're finally able to enter the hall. There were banners for the fan project in each seat, and I was waiting patiently for the concert to start. As the concert began, I recognized the members and I was happy to see them on stage. I enjoyed the concert, even though I didn't know most of the songs. The most interesting part of the concert was when Ryeowook sang Indonesian song. I was amazed by his pronunciation. I bet he practiced a lot for that, and it was paid off, everybody was really satisfied. When I looked at the fans, I remembered myself being at EXO concert in 2014. I was really really happy back then and singing along with all the songs, just like the fans at this concert hall. It's just joyful to see the happy ELF (the name for Super Junior fans), waving their blue light sticks.

The concert was finished, then as I walked outside, I noticed that it was raining. It was really hard to find taxi to go to AEON Mall. After waiting for hours, my cousin and I finally shared taxi with two lovely strangers who had the same destination with us. We shared the taxi because the driver was asking for higher fare, so we helped each other and paid half of the fare. After we arrived and said goodbye to our helper, my cousin and I looked for our aunt, then we had our dinner there. 

On our third day, we basically went to buy souvenirs for our relatives. We spent hours at ITC Mangga Dua, then we went back to the hotel to put our shopping bags and rest for a while. In the evening, we went to Mall of Indonesia (MOI) just to have dinner and stroll for a bit. I didn't really documented the day, since my hands were full most of the time and I was just quite low in energy. But, I took a picture of these cute donuts, which we bought to be eaten the next day at the airport.

Mister Donut Store at MOI
I packed my bags, ate my breakfast, and I was ready to go to the airport on the last day. I was flying home with Batik Air. It was my first time and I was so happy to find the screen in front of my seat. It was just a one-hour flight, so I decided to watch short TV Series and ended up watching my favorite, How I Met Your Mother!
Just like that my short vacation was over. I was quite sad because I had to face reality again, but I was glad to be home!

You can also check out my short recap of my journey on my YouTube channel:

Have a nice day!

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