January Favorites 2016

January 31, 2016

Another month is coming to an end, and I will show you some of my favorites in January 2016!
Here it goes:

App Subscription


This month Netflix is available in Indonesia! I was so excited and eager to try out the subscription, so I just went with the free one-month trial. It's fun, because I can watch anything I want with a single tap of a finger. However, the films and shows that are available aren't that complete yet, maybe because it's still brand new. Moreover, some parties want to block this service in Indonesia, because of the adult content. I'm not really sure with the future of this service in Indonesia, but it did give me a pleasant January of film and TV show marathon.

Apple Music

Another subscription that I decided to try was Apple Music. I had problems installing my iTunes and I was kind of irritated that I couldn't add the new songs into my iPhone's music library. That's the reason why I finally used my three-month trial of this app. I have to say that I enjoy it so much. I started to stream the new songs that I never had the chance to listen to, that old nostalgic songs, and many other songs. I'm also really satisfied with the 'add to my music' and 'download' option, so I can move the songs that I found into my library and listen to them offline. I just love jammin' to my favorite songs.

Food & Beverages

Green Tea Flavor

I've been addicted to green tea flavor recently. I'm not really sure why I became fond of it, I used to hate it back in junior high school days until recently. This month I tried a few products with green tea/matcha flavor and these products above was amazing! I enjoyed them so much! I just cannot wait to explore more green tea flavored products.


Raisa & Afgan - Percayalah

Afgan and Raisa are surely singers with amazing voices. When I heard that they were about to have a duet together, I was waiting for the song to finally come out. At the beginning of the month this song was totally my jam. I recognized that this song is played almost everywhere I went, supermarket, stores, etc. I also love the music video, it's just a really sweet video. I hope they will have more projects together in the future.

Justin Bieber 'Purpose' Album
I've forgotten about Justin Bieber until I properly listened to his new album. This album is really good!! I enjoyed most of the songs and keep playing them whenever I had time. There are six of my most favorite songs in the album, and I really recommend this album to anyone who love pop music.

Charlie Puth 'Nine Track Mind' Album
Another album I enjoy is the one by Charlie Puth. I enjoy his songs like 'See You Again' and 'Marvin Gaye', so I was just curious about his solo album. Above are the two songs that I like the most in the album. The lyrics of the songs is just too sweet and heartwarming.

Disney Music
I can't lie that I am a really big fan of Disney! The first few things I did when I finally had my Apple Music subscription including browsing for my favorite Disney songs. I just couldn't help making the playlist above and arranging the songs in appropriate order based on the release date of the films. It's just something that I always enjoy, listening to classic Disney soundtracks.

Film & TV Series

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B
I've been watching this series since the very first season, and this new '5 Years Forward' theme for this season made me so thrilled to watch. The second part of season 6 is finally back this month and of course I wouldn't miss it. Just when I thought that the terror will be over, here come another twist in the story. This is why I love this series. I just love every surprising twist in the story and I also love all the characters so much. I surely will keep watching the new episodes every week.

The Royals
I have a quite big interest in British Royal Family and I just randomly watched this documentary series on Netflix. It is a really nice documentary that I really enjoyed watching. I learned a lot more information about the royals. I hope they will keep updating the information in the documentary since it was made before Princess Charlotte was born.  I have never enjoyed watching documentaries before, but I just love this series.


Hai Miiko! Volume 28
I always like a simple story which I can read to light up my day, and this manga (Japanese comic book) always does it. Miiko's adventure in her daily life is considered to be a light reading for me, which is good to enjoy when you're having a busy/tiring/bad day or even any regular day. This month is the release of its premium edition with a bonus and I just couldn't resist it. I need to have it! I just couldn't help smiling while reading it, because she's just too cute.

I think that's it for this month. See you next month!
Hope you've been having a pleasant January :)


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