Reasons to Watch Grease: Live! Right Now!

February 04, 2016


I don't think I need to say spoiler alert since the original film of Grease was released in 1978, so most people will already know the story line already, right? Well, anyway. Spoiler Alert.

I had been feeling the buzz of Grease: Live! for a few weeks, and to be honest I was really curious about it since I love Grease. For you who don't know what Grease is, it's a musical film made in 1970's, starred by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. If you haven't watched this film and you love good musical, you should totally watch it because you'll love it! Well, at least I did fall in love with this film and the music.
Grease Film Poster in 1978

After hearing the news of Grease: Live! and saw all the cast, I just wondered how will it turn out. What is the meaning of 'live'? What might be different between this new production and the previous one? So, yesterday I decided to watch it, just a few days after the release in the US, and I was amazed! Here are few reason why you will totally love to watch this remake of Grease:

Grease Itself is a Legendary Musical Film. 
I believe Grease is one of the most popular musical films, and the songs are also famous.  Most people must have heard the songs, even though they might not know that the songs are from Grease. Just listening to the songs and watching the actors performing it will make you enjoy the film. You may also sing along with the songs that I believe you might know. You can also learn to do the hand jive and just do it while the cast performing the 'Born to Hand Jive' song. I will gladly watch the original film over and over again if you ask me to. So why wouldn't I watch a remake of it, of course I would love to watch the remake! 

Going Back to the 50's!
Let's go back to the time when technology didn't really exist. When your friends need to ask how your summer was going on the first day of school, because social media didn't exist, and to reply it you just need to sing about it. Sounds like fun? Also seeing those 1950's fashion might bring back the nostalgic feelings of the original Grease. 


The Amazing Set and Costume Changing
I just wowed by Marty's performance of 'Freddy My Love', not only because of the stunning singing but also because of the set and costume changing. Just check it out yourself:

Professional Cast
When I saw the cast list, I just couldn't wait to watch them play the characters. There are Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jordan Fisher, Keke Palmer, etc. Moreover, I heard the news that Vanessa's father passed away hours before the show started, yet she successfully delivered a really stunning performance. I personally think that she did the best performance in this show. Looking back when she played Gabriella Montez in High School Musical and seeing now she's playing Rizzo, I could see how much she grows. All my thoughts for her and her family.


It's LIVE!
I mean, it's a live TV production, it's a live theatrical performance, and it's a live concert, all in one. There were live audiences who were watching the actors act like in the theater, there were real famous singers who were performing just like in a concert, also the cast was performing incredible singing performances. I never experience live TV like this before, I just found it amazing. When I was watching this film all I could think about was: "I need to watch the behind the scene footage". Just when I thought that TV show will always be just like the way it is, this show changed my opinion. 
Cast used the golf cart to travel between sets

Well, even with all the amazing things above there are some things that I couldn't help comparing with the original, such as the two lead roles. I honestly like the original couple of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John more, not because Aaron Tveit and Julianne Hough were bad, but just because they didn't show the chemistry that John and Olivia had. But overall, Aaron and Julianne did an amazing job with their singing and performances.

Furthermore, just like any live TV, there were some errors made. There were time when the audio suddenly went off while DNCE was performing, I thought something was wrong with my laptop but apparently there was something wrong with the broadcast. There was also a scene where the cast drive the golf carts, and one golf cart just bumped the sidewalk when it turned and almost fell over. Thankfully it didn't, I was quite afraid that time. Well, it's a live TV indeed, I guess.

However, I still enjoyed every second of this show. It's worth to watch for all the Grease fans like me, because it feels different than the original film, in a good way.

Enjoy watching it!

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