Favorites // February 2016

February 29, 2016

February will come to an end.. It feels so fast! Maybe because it's shortest month in the whole year. Anyway, here are some of favorite things this month:


Voctave - Disney Love Medley
(feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis)

I always love Kirstin of Pentatonix, she's such a sweetheart. So, when I knew that she's doing a Disney song medley, what's not to like? Two of my favorite things come together! I didn't know who Voctave was at that time, but I'm really amazed of their acapella performance.

Yoo Young Jin & D.O. - Tell Me (What Is Love)

I've been loving this song since 2014, when D.O. sang the short version of this song for his solo performance at EXO From EXO Planet #1 - The Lost Planet Concert. His voice really suits the R&B song and I just wish he will release a solo R&B album one day. Out of nowhere, SM Entertainment suddenly announced that this song will be released at the their new project STATION. I was so surprised and happy! I think people who like R&B music like me, will love this song.

Dawin - Dessert

I've known this song for quite some time but I haven't really liked it until just recently. I think the melody is so catchy and it's a fun song to dance to, especially those random dance you do when you just feel like dancing, lol.

Ross Lynch - Can't Do It Without You

This song is a theme song for Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally. This is a pop rock song that reminds me of the time when I adored Jonas Brothers' music. The more I listen to it, the more I love the song.

TV Series

Produce 101

At first, I was just curious at this show, but after a while I was drawn into it. This is a survival show where 101 girl trainees from various entertainments around South Korea is gathered. At the end only 11 girls will be able to debut. It's somehow cruel, but it also will be a great experience for the trainee. The show is still ongoing, and the latest episode is episode 5. So, if you just want to start watching just start it right now. My favorites are Kim Sejong from Jellyfish, Kim Sohye from RedLine, and Jeon Somi from JYP.

Kim Sejong, Kim Sohye, and Jeon Somi

JYP Sixteen

It's also a survival show, but it's only for 16 JYP trainees at that time. JYP is one of the three big entertainment agencies in South Korea, along with SM Entertainment and YG. This show originally aired in 2015. I even caught a glimpse of it in my hotel room TV when I was travelling to South Korea back in September 2015, but I didn't know what show was that. After a while, I finally knew that this survival show is the one which produce TWICE, a girl group which won best new female artist for group in MAMA 2015. Since they are one of my favorite girl group now, I decided to watch the full show.

TWICE(트와이스) "OOH-AHH하게(Like OOH-AHH)" M/V

Austin & Ally

I still love to watch Disney Channel original series. I'm still watching their shows from 2015, like Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World, Best Friends Whenever, and Bunk'd. However, somehow I missed a lot shows between these recent shows' era and Hannah Montana's era. So, I started to find some old shows to watch and I bumped into this one. I watched Ross Lynch in Teen Beach movie, so I was curious about this show and I ended up watching it every night.


Piano Tiles 2

Well, I think it's quite late already, because everybody else seems to have played this game before me. For my defense, I'm not the type of person who like to play games on my smartphone, because it will make my battery drained really fast. However, I saw my sister playing it the other day, and I really enjoy this kind of game. So, I downloaded it and I keep playing it whenever I'm bored.

Food & Beverages

Marugame Udon Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Honestly, I haven't found a Japanese chicken katsu curry rice that I don't like. However, Marugame Udon used to only have a beef curry rice. So, I was very excited when they finally have the chicken katsu one! I just love Japanese curry so much!

Date & Fate Oat White Chocolate

I have never tried oat chocolate before, but this one is amazing. I really love it that my hand won't stop reaching for more. The oat chocolate is served in a tiny packages inside a big one, and the tiny packages have three different colors. At first, I though that each color has a slightly different flavor, but they're all just the same. I heard that there is a green tea one, and I will try to find it!

First Love Patisserie Green Tea Mille Crepes

I love this green tea mille crepes! I have never tried any other green tea mille crepes, but I do enjoy this one. I've tried a lot of green tea products this month and this one is my favorite out of  them. Plus, the patisserie has a great surrounding and helpful staff.


After quite some time, I finally went to another market event, and find this tenant. I've tried it once before last year, and I just wanted to eat it again. So I did, and I was really satisfied. I really love spicy food, including this one. The one in the picture is a dory ricebox, but I also love the chicken one. I also bought the wintermelon drink, because when you bought a rice box, you got to buy the drink only for 5.000 rupiahs instead of 8.000. So, I thought, why not? and I enjoyed my lunch/dinner to the fullest.

TicTic Crunchy Stick

I just randomly found this in one supermarket. Randomly purchased it and tried it at home. I love it. The garlic flavor is so nice, and the thin long pieces of the snack make it seems endless. However, it's quite hard to find it, because not every supermarket has this snack, it's so regretful.

Nongshim Onion Flavored Rings

I used to see this snack a lot,  but never had any intentions of trying it, until just recently. I decided to try it and I just love it. It's a Korean product and I regretted not buying it when I was there. It's okay though, because I still can buy it in the local supermarket, just with a slightly higher price since it's an imported product.

That's all for the month of love, February.
See you next month!


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