Food Travel // New Year's Eve Feast at Kayanna

February 03, 2018

Hello again guys! I know New Year's Eve is long gone, but today I'm going to bring you back to the feast I had back on the 31st of December 2017. My family was lucky enough to celebrate the end of 2017 at this restaurant called Kayanna. It's an Indonesian-Dutch Restaurant & Cafe which is located at Dokter Soetomo Street.

The Christmas vibe was totally awesome at that time of the year and I just loved all the pretty decorations displayed in this restaurant. During that day, some of my relatives from Makassar were visiting us, so there were quite a lot of food on our table. Please don't be surprised 😂

I guess you're getting curious about the food already, right? Alright then, here are some photos I took of the meals we're having that evening.

The food.. What should I say about the food.. Well, the food is really good!! My favorite ones were the aglio olio spaghetti and ayam kremes. My cup of matcha latte might not have the perfect art latte, but it's still really tasty. The s'mores were really sticky (duh) yet nicely sweet and chocolaty. Such a perfect dinner to end the year. I totally recommend to visit this place on a special occasion.

As I couldn't get enough of the Christmas vibe and decorations, I was taking a lot of pictures from the lobby/waiting room after we're done with our dinner. I'm totally happy to relive this festive vibe in February. Check the pictures out:

In conclusion, this place is amazingly decorated and it's also super cozy and such a perfect place to hang out with your family or loved ones. You can also take a lot of great pictures here since it's such a photogenic place. The food is superb, but the price is rather high, since, well, it's a restaurant, what do you expect? 😂

Okay, so that's all I would like to share about my last dinner in 2017. How's 2018 doing so far for you, guys? It's still rather bizarre for me that it's February already. Hopefully everything's been doing good so far for all of you.

Thank you for reading this post and see you on my next post!

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