Favorites // February 2018

March 15, 2018

Hello everybody! Wow, I've been gone for quite a while, really sorry for that. My life has been insanely hectic lately, and at every free time I had, I found myself just relaxing and planning for my next travel in April. Okay, without any further rumbling, let's just get into the point of this post, which is my February favorites. February felt like flashing before my eyes, however I've got plenty of things that I totally enjoyed last month. Let's check 'em all out!


Last month there was this particular song that I am (still) totally addicted to. It's a song called Someday by Milo Manheim and Meg Donelly. It's part of the soundtrack for Disney Channel's newest original movie called Zombies, and yeah, the rest of the soundtrack are also really awesome! Check them all below:


As you probably have guessed, Zombies was my favorite film in Februrary. I've been watching it for more than a couple times and sometimes I still feel the urge to rewatch it again. It has an interesting storyline and of course amazing music and cast. Totally in love with Milo and Meg who played Zed and Addison in this film.

Another film that I watched in February was Lady Bird. It is such an interesting film because we get to know a lot of this Lady Bird's character and we're following her struggles through life. Don't expect any extravagant ending though, because I had quite a high expectation of the ending, yet I felt disappointed at first. Then, I came to appreciate that small ending, because it reminds me that sometimes small little things that are happening in our lives can bring a huge change to how we see life. This film just shows how real life looks like, and I love this film for it.


As you might have known, I spend quite a good amount of time in Youtube. Watching Youtube is totally my guilty pleasure activity, as I can spend hours just sitting with my tab, exploring Youtube. In February here are some of my favorite videos to watch in this awesome site:

First, there's this video that brought back so many nostalgic memories of High School Musical on Oh My Disney channel. Corbin Bleu was invited to watch High School Musical again and reminisce those good old times. I totally had a great time watching it.

I found another amazing Catholic Youtuber called Brian Holdsworth. He presents his videos as essay videos, so they have such an amazing depth and will eventually make you think. If you love to learn more about theology and practical Christian values, then maybe you should check his videos out. Here are some videos that attracted me to his channel:

There's this one news that made me totally happy and excited last month. It's the news of LizziesAnswers conversion into Catholicism! Even when she was a Protestant, I've been loving her pursuit on finding the Truth and learning about her faith. Her conversion just reassures me that the Catholic Church is the one true Church. You can watch her conversion story videos below. You'll see how someone who used to hate the Catholic Church so much, finally found the Truth inside the Church.

Another theology video that I enjoyed watching last month was the video about St. Peter and his authority within the Church from The Coming Home Network International. It's presented by Steve Ray in a easy-to-understand manner and it opened my mind a lot. Check it out if you're interested about this theme:


Here we go to my Food favorites! So, February started with me having some great dinner and dessert time with my close friends at Mentai Master and Patisserie Achmadaris Udagawa, Pakuwon Mall. These food (I forgot what they really called, what a great food blogger 😅) below are totally delicious and made me enjoyed that nice relaxing night.

I was so excited that Vecirio now has the black sesame flavor! My favorite kind of flavor! You can see how many mochis my mom and I bought since we're both obsessed with this flavor. It also has a really great amount of filling which is my most favorite part. Totally recommended!

Another lunch time at Sushi Tei! Their salad and sushi are just my most favorite dish, and since the ocha is free and their salad portion is big, it's one of my favorite restaurant to go to with my boyfriend.

Rasa Lokal has launched their newest outlet in Surabaya last month! So excitedd! I got to try the two new flavors and I'm going to dedicate a blog post for it. So, please stay tuned for my next post 😉

Chinese New Year has come! Here are all the treats that I enjoyed at this special day last month. It's such a great day to gather together with family ☺

A cup of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato while planning my next trip abroad. So excited! 😆

I also tried out these new flavors from Chitato last month. I enjoyed the Beef Rendang and Fried Crab Golden Egg Yolk one, but not the Mango Sticky Rice one.

I've been so curious about Cruchaus and last month I was finally able to taste it! I ordered the bowl version of the Waldorf Chicken which tasted amazing! It cost me IDR 45.000 for this one bowl of salad.

It was my aunt's birthday! We celebrated it at Excelso and I got to try the Martabak Croissant which was really satisfying! 😋

Craving for Silly Scoop Cookie Monster ice cream again, so I just bought a cup of it.


Since February is the month of love. I made a few copies of this small card which has verses from 1 Corinthians 13 written on it and shared them to some people

Last month I got so many souvenirs and I love them all so much ❤

That's all from February. We're halfway of March already, time just pass insanely fast, let's make the most of each moment!
See you on my next post! I promise it'll be here real soon!
Have a great day everyone 😁

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