What I've Learned From Our 3-Year-Old Relationship

March 20, 2018

Time just flies.
It seems like yesterday that we decided to embark on this new journey together.
Trusting our guts that it was meant to be.
Today, it's already three years ago.
Three whole years just passed, and we're still here.
Lots of things happened, but none are useless.
We both got lots of lessons.
We both grow.

Here are 3 things that I learned about relationship for these past three years.

1. There's no such thing as happily ever after without hard work.
I love it when a film or a book has a happy ending. It makes me smile and it also makes me feel warm. However, you'll see that before the story reaches its happy ending, there will be lots of problems happening. Then the story just ended with a joyful ending. When the sequel arrives, usually there will be problems again. So, that's basically life. Nothing is eternal in this world, not even our happy moments. However, you can always work your sad moments out and turn 'em into happy ones. It's really up to you.

In a realtionship, the story doesn't end when you both become boyfriend and girlfriend. It might be the end of book 1, but you'll see there's another sequel coming. There will be times when you hate your partner, then there will be times when you totally adore your partner, those are all your emotions raging. Remember to make the decisions when you both are finally cold-headed, and try to work everything out. When you're truly destined to be with each other, then you'll somehow finish each book together, and keep writing and creating new books.

2. The word 'Love' means much more deeper than I thought.
There's this understanding of love that I've just learned lately:
Love is when you put others before yourself.

My understanding of love used to be so shallow. When he wasn't there when I needed him the most, I used to think that he didn't love me anymore. Sometimes we have so many demands to our partner even without realizing. We forget that our partner is merely human being too. Demanding our partner to know every correct thing to do when we often don't really understand what we really want either is kind of messed up, don't you think?

When we love someone, we should focus more to the needs of our partner instead of what we want. Also make sure that our partner show the right kind of love too. Learn to love together.

3.Just enjoy the relationship.
Sometimes, we put way too many pressures from the society onto our relationship. Seeing others achieving new milestones in their relationship, doesn't mean that we also have to achieve the same milestones now. I learned that every relationship is unique and has its own pace, just like every person is different. Putting too many pressure isn't going to take you anywhere but dooms.

Accepting your own pace and growing together is actually a lot nicer than ticking another relationship's milestone box. Just keep your relationship in prayer and enjoy it. You'll appreciate it more this way than when you're pushing too hard.

Those are all the lessons learned and there will be more lessons along the way.
We'll just never stop learning, and I'm glad that I get to share these few lessons with you today.
Wishing you all a great future ahead,

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