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April 26, 2018

Hello again! I'm terribly sorry that I've been gone for about a month. If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that I'm just back from my trip to Japan. I had been so busy preparing for this trip and got no time to update my blog this past month. But now I'm back and getting ready to share with you all about my last Japan trip! Stay tuned for that 😉

So, today I'm going to share my short review about the variant of Rasa Lokal from Surabaya and Bandung. First off, let's start with the Surabaya ones.

There are two flavors on this variant, Sambal Korek Merah and Sambal Korek Ijo. The red one is much more spicier than the green one. If you're the kind of person who loves really spicy food, then you're going to enjoy the red one better.

The green one has a mild spicy level. I could eat the whole bag at once and really enjoy the sambal. If you love spicy food but can hardly stand the extreme, then this one will be your best choice.

For me personally, I like the green one more. Simply because I could enjoy the spicy sambal better without being tortured by the pain of spiciness. If you don't like spicy food, the chips itself are really delicious. So, you can give the sambal to your family or friends and enjoy the chips by yourself 😉

Now, let's take a look at the Rasa Lokal Bandung.

This one has 3 different flavors: Mie Kocok Kebun Jukut, Ayam Goreng Lembang, and Nasi Kuning Pandu. This Bandung variant use a different kind of chips compared to the Surabaya and Bali ones. Honestly speaking, I don't really enjoy this particular kind of chips. I'm not really sure why, but I just never really liked this kind of chips at the first place. However, I'm still curious enough to try these three flavors though 😝

The first one I tried was the Mie Kocok one. It has a garlicky taste and a really watery consistency sambal, called Sambal Rawit Limau. 

Then I tried the Ayam Goreng one. I like the texture of the sambal better, but it has a hint of sweetness in it, which I don't really like. It's a little bit subjective, since I never really like the food who are sweet and spicy, I either like it sweet or spicy. So, it's back to each of our own preferences. But, basically the sambal has a sweet and spicy taste and it's called Sambal Dadak Sunda.

The last one I tried was the Nasi Kuning one. This is my favorite one among the three available flavors. I love the taste of the chips and the sambal. The sambal called Sambal Seuhan and I enjoyed it the most compared to the other two.

After trying all of these flavors, I conclude that I like the Surabaya and Bali variants better than the Bandung one. However, I like the flavors who has a normal level of spiciness, because I want to enjoy the food I'm eating. But, overall I really like their idea to combine chips and sambal. If you have tried the Rasa Lokal chips please tell me which one is your favorite one on the comment box below, I would really love to know 😁

Also, if you haven't read my previous review about the Bali variants, you can read it here.

That's all from me for today. Please look forward to my very late March Favorite post which will be posted here within this week. Don't forget to stay tuned for more Japanese contents which will be here pretty soon!

See you on my next posts 😊

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