Favorites // March 2018

April 29, 2018

Hello hellooo! Wow, this is the very first time I am this late for a favorite post, a thousand apologies.
Alright without delaying it any longer, here are some things that I enjoyed very much in March!


Last month, I was addicted to the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman (I still am!). I love all the songs, but my most favorite are A Million Dreams, Rewrite The Stars, and This Is Me.


As you see, I've finally watched The Greatest Showman last month and I love it so much! The story line is just really simple and beautiful, but the way they present it is just magnificent. The music really keeps the film alive, which is how musicals supposed to be. It's the one thing that keeps me glued to the screen and allows me to feel what the characters are really feeling deep inside. Simply beautiful. And to know that it's based on true story is just quite mind blowing. Another great musical after Les Miserables. If you haven't watched it yet, you definitely should!


Last month I stumbled into this Catholic Youtuber called Ali-Marie Ingram. She's a Catholic convert who used to suffered from brain tumor and survived to witness the beautiful grace of God. Her videos are fun and easy to digest since she incorporates her music within them. Check out her videos if you're interested to know about her and the Church more 😊

Last month I also really enjoyed the daily devotions at Blessed Is She. You can check the devotions on their website or subscribe to get them in your mail inbox. Their devotions are beautifully written and totally able to get me closer to God.


In March, lots and lots of account started to create various interesting Instagram templates and I got quite addicted to them and find myself keep filling the new ones.


I bought a new lipstick from Revlon Ultra HD collection last month and I totally love it! It's in the color Glamour HD.


After contemplating for such a long time, I finally decided to buy a new phone last month. The phone that I bought was Samsung S9+ in Coral Blue color. I've been enjoying using this phone so much, especially because of its awesome camera and large internal space.


As always, I've got quite many food favorites last month. The first one is the Hainan Chicken Rice from Wee Nam Kee. I chose the roasted chicken in this one and it's just so tasty.

I also tried the Chicken Crispy from ei. It also got a special Gudetama packaging because I bought it on a Sanrio event which was held at Tunjungan Plaza.

This one is my ultimate favorite in March, the McSpicy Chicken from McDonald's! I'm so glad they're bringing my favorite spicy chicken back! And yeah, it's really spicy, but it's still quite endurable for me and I still enjoy it a lot. Just writing about it making me want to order one right now 😋

Another food that I enjoyed is the Churros from El Churro Cafe at Pakuwon Mall. The churros are really crisp and tasty, then the nutella topping is surely adding an amazing sweetness to it.

I had such a beautiful anniversary dinner together with lots of great food from Kayanna. I honestly love it all and they even gave us fresh fruits as dessert! 😋

I didn't really enjoy the tauco sauce due to its sweetness when I first ordered Jack n' John. So, this time I only asked for the rica sauce and it turned into such a delicious dish!

This one is meatball from Bakwan Erna in Mojokerto and it's soo tasty!

I've been missing Ivy Donuts so much that I just had to buy some. Totally love 'em all 😍

So, that's all from March guys. Soon, April is going to be over, and I got so many great stories to be shared from this month. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts! 😉

Happy Sunday and see you on my next posts!

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