Favorites // May 2018

June 12, 2018

It's finally time for another favorite! Today I'm going to share with you my favorites for the month of May. Let's start!


In May, my love for EXO was reignited. I was especially in love with their song called Walk On Memories. The sweet lyrics and melodies just gave me so much peace by listening to it.

My other music favorite was the rendition of Like A Virgin by Sister Cristina, who is the winner of The Voice of Italy in 2014. I never thought that this pop song by Madonna can sound so religious. Loving it!


I was searching for another light comedy series to entertain me, then I found this series called American Housewife. It has a 20-minute-ish duration which is perfect for me, with relatable and funny stories. Finished the two seasons just within 2-3 weeks. Can't wait for the third one!

I decided to watch Hyung because I missed seeing D.O (Do Kyungsoo)'s acting skills. I thought this film would've been a comedy film, but turned out it's a drama with a really touching storyline. I just cried so much at the end of the film.


In May I tried this new restaurant next to my office, I Am Geprek Bensu and I enjoyed it so much! Maybe because it's spicy 😋 I bought their level-3 chicken and my friend bought the delicious mushroom.

Oreo has finally released their Oreo Thins  in Indonesia! Whoop whoop! There are two available flavors: vanilla and tiramisu. I love the tiramisu one so muchh!

My biggest food addiction in May was this Caesar Teaser Salad from Crunchaus! I just love it so so sooo much! 😍

After quite a long time, I finally could indulge this delicious croppan from Roppan 😋

I had some favorite healthy snacks too! There were East Bali Cashews, Hundred Seeds Granola Creation, and Soyjoy all with chocolate flavor! They're healthy and delicious, what's not to love 🍫

I also found this Ovaltine Cookies really delicious, yet it can be a little bit too sweet for some people. But since I love chocolate so much, I don't mind a little bit of sweetness at all 😆

These are some chips that I enjoyed in May, there were Kusuka Keripik Singkong, Keripik Tempe, and Tahu Pong! Yum yum! 😋

I also went to Starbucks to check out their newest drinks: Midnight Mocha and Tea-ramisu! They're both really delicious, but I guess I love the mocha one a little bit more, because it's not as sweet as the green tea one.

Last but not least, I got to try this famous Soto Gondrong at Trawas. I surprisingly enjoyed it so much, especially since everything was already mixed up within the bowl. So, all I needed to do was just eating it. However, the portion was so big that I couldn't finish the meal. Next time, I would love to share a portion with a friend instead.


In the month of may there were some events that were happening. One of which was the unfortunate one. There had been some terror attacks in my beloved city, Surabaya and it's just so heartbreaking.

On a much happier note, the Royal Wedding was also happening in May. I watched the livestream from the official Youtube channel of the royals and cherished every moment. I especially love seeing Princess Charlotte who is sooo cute ☺️

Those are all from the month of May. June is still here and I'm still enjoying every moment of it. Hopefully you've been having a great month of June!

See you on my next posts,

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