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March 22, 2016

As you may have noticed, I did some travel to Singapore on early this month. I didn't buy that much of stuff, but I was really satisfied with them, so I wanted to share it here! Here they are:


Essence - All About Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this palette at Bugis Junction Watsons for S$7.5. I've been looking for a cheaper nude palette and I was so happy to finally found one! I've been using it non stop for this past few weeks.

Daiso Foundation Brush
Bought this at Daiso for S$2. Haven't really used it though.

Detergent for Puff and Sponge
This sponge and brush cleanser has been getting good reviews from a lot of beauty youtubers and bloggers. It's also a best seller product in Daiso. So I just wanted to have it. Since my brushes aren't really dirty, I haven't tried this product yet.

Pearl in Eye Shadow - Elegance Purple
Another product from Daiso. I really love the color of this palette, and since it's only S$2 I just decided to buy it.

Winmax - Matte Finish Top Coat
Also a product from Daiso. I watched a video which reviewed this product, and it did a great job. I fell in love with it since then, and just had to buy it.


S$1 Ice Cream
This is a S$1 ice cream. You can buy it with wafer or bread, but I always prefer bread. You should really try it, if you're visiting Singapore.

Soyfresh Hershey's
Bought these Hershey's soya milk at Sentosa. They sold it for S$1 each, so my friends and I bought some. I love them all, but I like the cookies n' creme one a little bit more.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo & Mini Eggs
Found thess Cadbury chocolates at 7-Eleven near Albert Centre in Bugis. I really love them! I've been really curious about the mini eggs since Zoella mentioned it a lot, and now I know why she loved it so much. I wish they sold it in Indonesia...

Mint M&M's
I like mint flavor, so I was really curious about this one. It has quite a strong mint flavor. For those who just like a mild mint flavor, you might not really enjoy this at first, like me. However, I grew to enjoy it more after eating it for a few times.

Cookies & Cream KitKat
I love everything 'cookies & cream' so I just had to try it! Loving it!

 Dark Chocolate KitKat
This is one of my favorite KitKat, the dark chocolate. 

Green Tea KitKat
My other favorite KitKat, green tea.

KitKat Mix
Four flavors in one! I love the orange one the most.

Hershey's Kisses - Milk Chocolate with Almonds
I thought I love the cookies & cream one, but I think I found a new love. I love this almonds one. I just really like chocolate with something to munch, in this case the almonds. So, it you're like me, then you'll love it.

Matcha Green Tea Hello Panda
I just wish they had this in Indonesia. I just really enjoy green tea right now.

Ritter Sport Chocolates
Found these Ritter Sport chocolates and I just love them all.

Famous Amos Cookies
Bought a little bit, out of curiosity. I already forgotten the name, I believe it's something with white chocolate chip. Enjoyed munching to it so much.

Garrett Popcorn
Garrett Popcorn! Love the butter one the most!

Calbee Jagabee
This is my most favorite snack of all time! Thankfully they don't sell it in Indonesia, if they do I will keep on buying it! It's a potato crispy sticks and I found three different flavors in Singapore. I just love them all so much!!!

Matcha Pocky
Since my addiction to green tea is still ongoing, I decided to try this one and I never regretted my choice.

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans
Bought this and had a lot of late night fun with my friends. This jelly bean has two different flavors for each color, the good one and the bad one. You'll never know what you get, until you get a taste of it. I got a lot of bad ones that night. My tips are have a glass of water ready to neutralize the flavor and get a trash bin/plastic bag /tissue near you to throw away the beans you can't cope.

Dutch Lady Banana Milk
I always love the banana milk from the Dutch Lady. I love banana milk in general honestly :D

Nutri Soy Soya Milk
Tried this because I was curious. I didn't really enjoy it that much though, but it's still healthy.

Los Angeles Cola Zero
This is a Daiso product and I bought it because I love Coca-Cola Zero. It has different taste with the Coca-Cola one. This one is sweeter I guess, but it's still quite delicious.

Daiso Hot Curry Sauce
Tried out this curry sauce from Daiso. All you need to do is heated it in boiled water. The taste is just okay for me, it doesn't mean it's not delicious, but there are other products which have tastier curry.

Old Chang Kee & Tori-Q
Always love Old Chang Kee! I also bought Tori-Q chicken ball, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Those two are my favorites.


I've always wanted a scraper, and I never found it. So when it's in front of my eyes, I just needed to grab it. Bought this in Daiso also.

I just needed to buy another spatula, because I only had one and I thought it's not enough! LOL

Decorating Tool
Found this tool to decorate! The only question is why did I only get one of this. 

Kitchen Timer
I never had a kitchen timer, and using a timer at the phone could be tricky sometimes. So, I decided to get one.

Transparent Plastic Bowl
I always wanted a transparent bowl, and the best part is, it's plastic! I always found the glass one, so I was so happy to finally find the plastic one.

Those are the things I got from my last trip to Singapore. Hope it will give you some reference on things to get in Singapore. See you on my next post!


- Watsons is a name of a drugstore in Singapore, you could find it basically anywhere, especially at the malls.
- Daiso is a Japanese one price shop. It sells a variety of Japanese products for S$2 each. You could find it on Vivo City and ION Mall.

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