Favorites // March 2016

March 31, 2016

I can't believe March is coming to an end, a quarter of the year has passed. Here is a few things I enjoy the most this March:


Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

New song of Ariana! I've been addicted to this song since the day it was released. It has catchy lyrics and melody that keeps playing inside my head.

Produce 101 - 35 Girls 5 Concepts

This is a mini album consists of five songs sung by the top 35 girls from the survival show. I've been following the show and enjoying it. I really love these original songs made by famous producers with five different concepts. My favorite ones including these three songs below:


In the Same Place

Lee Hi - Hold My Hand

It's been a while since Lee Hi's latest song and I really love the concept of her new album 'Seoulite'. The song that caught my interest right away is 'Hold My Hand'. I just love everything about it, the music video is also extra cute.

Laura Marano - Boombox

Since I've been quite addicted to Austin & Ally lately, I was really curious when Laura Marano was going to release her own single. It turned out that I really enjoy this song! I just can't wait for the music video release on April.

Red Velvet - One Of These Nights

Red Velvet is releasing new mini album with the 'Velvet' concept. Previously they released their first album with 'Red' concept, so I was excited for the follow up album. This mini album consists of ballad and slow songs, including the main song 'One Of These Nights'. The song is about two lovers who can only meet once a year, based on a folktale in South Korea. However there are theories that the music video shows how the song is actually about the Sewol tragedy. When I heard about the theories and re-watching the music video again, I got goosebumps, since it's a hauntingly beautiful tribute. More about the fan theories here.

Fifth Harmony - Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

New song by Fifth Harmony! I've been waiting for quite some time and it didn't let met down! Really enjoying this song, and always loving Camilla's unique voice.

Dove Cameron - Genie in a Bottle

I fell in love with Dove when I first watched and listened to Better in Stereo music video. Recently, she released a remake of Christina Aguilera's hit song, 'Genie in a Bottle'. In the music video she became Mal, her character in the movie 'Descendants'. I just love her a lot.

Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down

I know it's pretty late already, but I just listened to Troye's album 'Blue Neighbourhood' recently. I love the songs, especially 'Talk Me Down'. I've been listening to this one over and over again.


Essence Nudes

This palette has become my everything this month, because I've been into nude makeup so much. The price is affordable and the colors are pretty. Just love it.



I just love to watch Disney films and I really love this one. Zootopia is a place where all animals basically live together, whether it's predator or prey. When I watch this movie, I can't help to compare Zootopia with our world. There are still stereotypes and prejudices in Zootopia just like in ours. However, this film is teaching us that we can break through all that if we work hard enough. There are also some funny scenes that I enjoy a lot, like the sloth scene or the one where there are DVDs sold (not going to give any spoiler, lol).

Kungfu Panda 3

This movie is hilarious! I laughed at almost every scene. It is very entertaining and once again you will see Po's journey to become a greater dragon warrior.

Once Upon a Time

I was excited for the comeback of my favorite show! This time it's an adventure to the Underworld. There are a lot of new characters like Hades, Hercules, Meg, and even Hook's brother. I just can't wait for the final battle against Hades to get back to Storybrooke.


After I finished watching Austin & Ally, I found another Disney series that I haven't watched, Jessie. It's about a journey of a girl named Jessie, who's suddenly becoming a nanny for four amazing yet mischievous kids. I really enjoy watching it!


Calbee Jagabee

I always love this snack, and finally this month I was able to get a taste of it again. This snack isn't available in my country yet. So, the only time I can eat it is when I'm traveling abroad or my friends giving it to me after their journey abroad. I just couldn't stop eating it!

Cadbury Mini Eggs

I finally get a chance to eat this chocolate and I love it so much! It has a cute easter egg shape with various colors. I wish I could get some of it in my country someday.

Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate with Almond

I thought my favorite Hershey's Kisses was cookies n cream, but apparently I love the almond one better! I already munched them all up, and I wish I could get some more.

Chitato Indomie

Some people say this chitato tastes bad or just ordinary, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes I could get the taste of Indomie out of it, and I don't think it's as bad as what some people say about it. I think I love this one just as much as the other flavors of Chitato.

Maggi Extra Spicy Curry

I bought this instant noodle when I was in Singapore and I love it! I bought the bigger package one with five instant noodles inside. The curry taste is really Singaporean, I can't really describe it well but it's different than the Indonesian or Japanese curry. It's also really spicy, which I like a lot. I'm sad that it's going to run out soon, but it's okay I can find it when I'm going abroad again in the future.

Vietnam Spring Roll from X.O Cafe & Bistro

Recently, I tried out a new restaurant which is X.O Cafe & Bistro, and I fell in love with the spring roll (right of the picture). It filled with vegetables and noodles, and the side sauce was amazing. I really want to eat it again some time.

X.O Cuisine

Another restaurant that I recently tried was X.O Cuisine. The food were amazing! I enjoyed them all very much. I especially enjoyed the pork and tofu that we ordered. However, it's quite a  pricey restaurant, so it's better to order few food for bunch of people, if you're on tight budget.


Smule Sing! Karaoke

It's been quite a while since I used this app, and suddenly I just wanted to use it again. I really love the feature where you can sing together with the original singers. I sang a lot with Charlie Puth over his song 'One Call Away' since I still love that song a lot. It's a nice app to when you're just feeling like singing and record it.

Candy Crush

I used to enjoy playing this a lot, then I stopped, but now I'm back again! Thanks to my boyfriend, I got competitive since he passed my level already. So, I want to catch up again. I really enjoy this game, because it feels like a puzzle to solve, and I love puzzle.



Recently, LINE Friends announced that there is a new character, which is Brown's little sister called Choco. I've been so into this new character lately. I found her really cute and I just can't wait for LINE to release her sticker collection, whether it's just her alone or with her big bro, Brown. I wish they will have that plan in the future.

That's all I love this month. See you next month! Enjoy the rest of March!


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