Favorites // October 2017

November 02, 2017

Oh man.. October is finally over... It was such an awesome month that I wish I could stay at those moments forever ❤ However, I know life has to move on and now November is here!

Before we go further into November, let me reminisce the good times I had in October by showing you bits of pieces of my favorite things in this lovely month. Let's just dive into them, shall we? 😉


This month's music favorite was rather dominated by the songs from the one and only, Sam Smith! He's releasing two new songs called Pray and Burning. Both have such a beautiful sound that I just can't help repeating them over and over again. I really really can't wait for his new album's release on this 3rd of November!

In October I also found out about this Christian song from my boyfriend. I fell in love with it and kept repeating it for a few weeks. This song called Mujizat Dalam Bersyukur by NDC Worship. Listen to the song below:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that Club Mickey Mouse is over! Well, at least the first season of it. I didn't even realize that it's a first season, or even that it's going to be this short. I'm going to miss these talented mouseketeers, especially my favorites: Brianna and Jenna. M Generation and Be OK were definitely my jam this October as I said 'see you soon' to this new generation of mouseketeers!

Demi Lovato was releasing her newest album. It's been a while since I listened to any of her album. After I watched her newest documentary film on Youtube, I just needed to listen to her newest album. Of course, I once again fell in love with her astonishing and powerful vocal. These two songs were definitely in my Current Favorites playlist on Spotify: Sorry Not Sorry and Tell Me You Love Me.

Been loving this song ever since I watched the first season of Andi Mack. Finally the music video is here! It's Tomorrow Starts Today by Sabrina Carpenter.

Another beautiful cover from Madilyn Bailey of Ed Sheeran's Perfect!

Just found out that Lindsey Stirling was releasing a Christmas album and I totally love this awesome rendition of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy! You should totally check out the music video because it's beyond awesome! Love it, love it, love it. Also, there's another song that really gets my Christmas spirit higher and higher every time I listen to it, it's her song featuring Becky G called Christmas C'mon. Ughh.. I totally love this song too! Check it out below also:


I learned a lot about Demi Lovato in her documentary called Simply Complicated. I used to adore her so much when she was in Camp Rock. I followed her Disney Channel journey and fell in love with her songs. I just couldn't believe that she got through a lot of stuff during that time. It still feels kind of surreal to me. It's really brave of her to share her story like that. If you're struggling right now, you can watch her documentary below for a source of inspiration ☺

The other Youtube videos I totally enjoyed in October was Tanya Burr's 2015 Vlogmas! Yup, you read it right, I have started watching vlogmas again! Gonna catch up with all those vlogmases I haven't watched, before the new ones come in December! 😂


The one book that I truly enjoyed this October is called Why Do Catholics Do That? I am interested in the teachings of Catholic Church so this book helped broaden my view and knowledge about the Church. Totally recommended for everyone who wants to know more about Catholicism. By the way, this copy of mine was published in 1994, yet it's still relevant up until now (except for some parts like the newest addition of the mystery of rosary, but most of the contents are still relevant). Oh,and my rosary was definitely the thing I couldn't stay away from in this month of rosary, because I made a promise to myself to pray the rosary everyday through October, and I did it! Yey!


I tried this Calm app at the end of October. I was rather disappointed because I didn't get the book in a book sale event which was held in Surabaya last month, so I thought I checked out the app instead. It was rather an amazing experience, to meditate and listening to the voice that really calmed my soul. The only downside is that they only have a really limited contents for the free version. I wish I could subscribe to it in the future, because I totally enjoyed it. It definitely made me feel calm. If you're under some kind of stress right now, I recommended you to check out this app.


There were some exciting new things I had this October! First of all was my O.W.L glasses! I'd been wanting to have a new glasses since I'd used mine for around 4 years already. So, when the newest branch of O.W.L at Tunjungan Plaza 6 was having a buy-one-get-another-one-for-free promo, I just jumped right through it. My little brother and I both now have a pair of dashing new glasses 😎

My aunt also bought me this jeans skirt that I always wanted to have when she was in Jakarta. Totally happy with it and I just directly wore it to the mall the day I got it. Yeah, I was just that excited to have it 😂

Another great new things to enjoy was a new laptop from my office, and it's a Macbook! I know I don't own it, but I'm just really happy to be able to use one. Totally grateful and blessed ☺


Some sneak peek of what you'll be seeing in my upcoming Food Travel posts! Here are some of my favorites in October:


There were a lot of exciting events happening last October! The very first one I attended was this St. Louis 1 Bazaar. I was at the Cathedral next to St. Louis 1 High School that Sunday, so it's just such a great coincidence to finally visiting my alma mater again and enjoying the nostalgia, food, and vibe there.

Afterwards, I decided to visit this huge book sale which was coming back to Surabaya again! If you read my post from last year, then you'll know that I visited this Big Bad Wolf event too last year. This year I finally went book hunting here again, but this time it's with my family. After wandering, thinking, and contemplating, I finally bought these two books below 😁

Another happy moment was when I was celebrating my boyfriend's birthday! I didn't prepare a lot of things like last year, but this one totally felt more special than last year's. Such a great day that I will remember 'till I'm old ☺

If you haven't known, October was my birth month too! So obviously I was celebrating my birthday and I felt so blessed and grateful on that day more than I could ever imagine. More detailed post about it will be coming soon 😉

So, that's it guys. Those are all the amazing things that I had last October. How was your October? I guess it was pretty awesome too right? 😉😁

Hope you're having a great November so far and see you on my next post!

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