Food Travel // October 2017 (Arirang, Pink Voice Starbucks, Katuai Kopi, Krobe, etc)

November 28, 2017

November is coming to an end, and here I am reviewing my Food Travel journey in October. Let's jut dive into it, okay? 😉

On the first of October I went to a bazaar at my high school! It is already 6 years since I graduated from this place and a lot of things have changed, but a lot of good things still remain the same too, which made me felt so nostalgic. I enjoyed a lot of great food and drink here while taking a train down to my memory line.

A snack at the office hour. I'm always thankful for this kind of snacks ☺

My mom just knew how much I love oreo and bought me this:

Unexpected small gestures are always nice 😊

Trying another new bread from Tous Les Jours, and as usual, I enjoyed it so much.

Had a taste of this new Fruit Bar from WRP, it's tasty enough for me 👍

Found another food that is soo delicious yet wallet-friendly at Lotte Mart Pakuwon Mall. Make sure to find it when you're there.

I also found another delicious coffee with a rather reasonable price. It's called Katuai Kopi and I love their Caramel Coffee. I tried it for the first time at Eatbiza Market which was located at Tunjungan Plaza 3, along with other delicious food.

One of my friends just got back from her business trip to Thailand, and she brought these:

It was a world post day at that time, and my office was having an event to let us send letters to the other office mates. Here are the letters I got, along with the sweet treats 😍

Had dinner at Gokana while doing a reunion with my close friends. It was a treat from a friend who just officially became a doctor and we're so happy for her ❤

When you just need any sweet drink to keep you going:

My mom also bought me this and I enjoyed it so much! Especially because I love crispy food and oreo ❤

One of my clients brought me and my team to this Bakmi Jogja Gending Sari while we're doing some work in Sidoarjo. I had never eaten this kind of food, butI found it uniquely tasty.

It's my boyfriend's birthday! See what I got him here.

Yet another delicious and cheap food from the supermarket. Now it's Martabak from Hypermart at Ciputra World. I truly wish I will be able to try the Chicken Rendang one in the future, because it ran out already at that time. I also bought this new mineral water that is the cheapest one so far, and this new snack by Taro which was just too sweet for me.

Another hype cake that I got to try in October was Vidi Vini Vici. My mom bought two flavors of it, the chocolate one was on the sweeter side, the strawberry and cheese one had the more perfect amount of sweetness. So, even though I love chocolate, but I still prefer the strawberry and cheese.

A new sushi place was opened at the Food Court of Pakuwon Trade Centre, called Hachiban. They had an opening promo at that time, so it's just the perfect time to try it out! It's owned by Hachi Hachi group, therefore their sushi had a similar taste. If you like Hachi Hachi then you'll love this one as well!

McDonald's was having new menu with some Italian influence, and since I love Italian food, I just had to have a taste of it! I decided to buy the Mocha Almond Top which I love so much!

Starbucks also had something new to offer, its #PinkVoice campaign was accompanied by some new pink-themed drinks to celebrate the breast cancer month of October. Since it was only IDR 25.000, I ended up buying Iced Pink Macchiato and Pink Blossom Frappuccino. They got a tasty raspberry flavor and I enjoyed them with my little sister while doing some reading ☺

This one is rather random. I accidentally found this singkong chips at home, decided to have some, and ended up loving it! Its saltiness was just perfect and kept me wanting for more.

Getting bored of our lunch routine, my office mates decided to venture out to a new place for lunch. We then visited this place called Shinobi. I wanted to eat the onigiri, but it wasn't available at that time. That's why I finally bought the blueberry banana shake instead. Fyi, I could totally taste the blueberry and banana which made me so happy!

A late world post day letter and gifts from one of our office mates were definitely too sweet and cute too resist! I mean, look at those cute mini donuts!! 😍
At the same day, I also enjoyed the tasty balado fried tofu and the grape-flavored candy.

A stop at Bon Ami after church, and I was tempted to try their fried food, especially those mouth-watering kroket. As you can see, I had one Kroket Ayam Jamur (chicken mushroom croquette) and it tasted heavenly 😋

Sunday with family was spent with lots of food! Here are some food I had while wandering around Supermal with my family.

Here came my birthday! It was such a beautiful and memorable day for me, and I'd really love to share it with you through my writing here.

Here's another snack that I got to try in October and this one was good enough. If you like salty crisp then you're going to enjoy this one too.

Another office snack: chocolate donuts! 😁

I was at the Lotte Mart Pakuwon Mall when someone offered me the sample of this instant noodle called Arirang. I tasted it and it's deliciously spicy (which is the kind of food I love)! She persuaded me to buy some since there was a promo at that time and I was sold! I would say that the spiciness level of this noodle is between the spiciness of the original Samyang and the nuclear one. So, it's hotter than the original Samyang yet it's not as hot as the nuclear one. If you love spicy Korean noodles then I recommend you to try this one too!

I never realized that I had 10 stars in my Starbucks card which I could've redeemed with a free drink! When I had to wait alone for a few hours at the mall, I finally decided to have my free drink and just sit at Starbucks. Of course, the drink I had was my favorite Iced Caramel Macchiato and I enjoyed it while ready my current favorite book that I showed you here.

At the end of the month, my friend; my boyfriend; and I, who celebrate our birthday in October, had a small party where we treated our close friends with delicious Chinese Food from Gui Lin. You can read the complete story here.

Finally, last but not least, I want to introduce to a delicious shrimp chips from Finna called Krobe. It's IDR 12.000/package, but I got it cheaper because they were having a promo at that time. My favorite one was the spicy one with the red packaging. It has a unique flavor because it's spicy but citrusy as well. I didn't get a chance to try the seaweed one (the green one) yet because they didn't have the sample at that time. I'm looking forward to it!

That's about every food and drink that I had in October. Which one are you interested in the most? Don't be shy to drop your thoughts on the comment box below.

Hope November has been treating you well, guys 😊

See you on the next post!

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