Favorites // November 2017 (Christmas Vibe, Basha Market, Starbucks, Ed Sheeran, Pentatonix, etc)

December 10, 2017

My wi-fi is finally back on! I was having a savage week without unlimited internet, I was surviving with my limited phone data, which made me kind of nuts. So, please forgive me for this late November favorites. I hope you don't mind.

Christmas vibe was just getting stronger and stronger in November. Let's see the things that I enjoyed in this awesome month of November!


November started with me freaking out over the fact that Ed Sheeran was going to release the music video of his song, Perfect! It was released early this month, and I was obsessed!! It's so beautiful that I really got teary eyes

Madilyn Bailey got me in love with these songs because of her covers in November. Well, I knew the songs before, but after listening to her covers, somehow I just fell in love with them. The songs are Havana (originally by Camila Cabello) and New Rules (originally by Dua Lipa).

Everywhere I go, I listen to Christmas music, and most of the songs played are the ones by Pentatonix. They released their newest Christmas album, and I was just so in love with Away in a Manger that I kept on repeating it. You should also check out their awesome performances of How Great Thou Art and Deck The Halls with the newest member of the group, Matt Sallee. This is just the perfect Christmas harmony.

My ultimate Christmas song this year is Christmas C'mon by Lindsey Stirling featuring Becky G. I just love ittt! Listen for yourself down below:

Another Christmas song alert! I also love this song by Jordan Fisher called Come December. R&B Christmas music is just one of the best!

Red Velvet was having a comeback this November and I was so in love with this song! It's a song called Peek-A-Boo and it has this cute yet mysterious vibe that is so charming. I totally love the dance moves too! You should totally check this one out!

Another music video obsession last month was of Hailee Steinfeld's Let Me Go. I've been wanting to buy a denim jacket, and seeing her with one in this music video, just got me wanting to buy it even more! The story in this video is also really nice, just loving it.

I hadn't watched Coco at that time (now I have!) but I already fell in love with the song Remember Me and out of all versions I was obsessed with this duet version by Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade. It made my curiosity about the movie got higher and higher. Disney and their music are just never disappointing.

Here comes another Disney song that I love, the one from Olaf's Frozen Adventure called When We're Together. Ughh! It's just too beautiful! Beautiful melodies, beautiful lyrics. It's totally perfect for this holiday season!

Sam Smith released his newest album in November, and I was so glad to see another music video of his beautiful song called Last Song. It's one of my favorite songs in his new album and his sudden release was just so exciting!

MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Award) was also happening in November and it got me sooo thrilled! I totally enjoyed this performances of AKB48 songs that made me felt nostalgic. I ended up listening to some Japanese songs that I used to love, like the songs by Arashi and Tohoshinki. Love love them!


Let me show you some of my favorite Youtube videos in November! The first ones were videos from Lavendaire. Her travel videos below are just so awesome and helpful! For those of you who are currently planning for their next travel adventure, you should definitely check out her videos to help you have a better preparation!

These Harry Potter themed videos by K.Choi and PointlessBlogVlogs got me so exciteddd! All of you Potterheads out there, you're going to love these too obviously.

Last month I was feeling so overwhelmed with work and life, and this video helped me got back on my feet again. Check out this awesome video from Father Mike Schmitz.

Christmas is around the corner, and Niomi got an awesome gift guide video so far! Check it out:


This November I once again got addicted to Les Miserables movie, especially this scene:


Early in November, one of my friends was officially becoming a doctor! Such an achievement for a hard work in good amount of years should be celebrated with a present, right? I gave her a flower bouquet from Felt & Favor. It was so cute because it's customized one, and I requested a giraffe and yellow one since she loves giraffes and the color yellow. I bought the smallest size, yet it came within a big enough box which surprised me. Check out their Instagram for more details, guys!


I was so eager to visit this Basha Market event which was held at Tunjungan Plaza 6. It had such a great theme, the only thing that made it rather uncomfortable was the really narrow space they had. It's quite harder to see everything with all the crowds inside. It was still such a great event though! I would share my food favorites from here down down below on the 'Food & Beverages' section.

The other exciting event at Tunjungan Plaza 6 was this Tsum Tsum Festival! It's just super cuteee!


Started off November with the Holiday Special Beverages from Starbucks! I had the Hot Mocha Praline which was awesome! Chocolate lovers will definitely love this drink.

Found another favorite bread/pastry from Tous Les Jours which called Choco Cornet! This is my ultimate favorite so far, beside their Chocolate Orange Twist Donuts.

Another Starbucks Holiday Drink time! This time I ordered my favorite Hot Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Awesomeness!

Treats from Tokyo Disney Sea! So cuteee!

In November I totally enjoyed these KitKat. I'm still not sure why I loved it so much, I just did. I could eat like 2-4 of them at one sitting.

I never knew that Amanda Brownies has a Banana flavored brownies until we bought it for our office mate's birthday. Love it!

Were having such a pleasant evening at Palacio on this one fine Friday night. More about it will be coming to a separate Food Travel post. Please wait for it! ;)

Another Choco Cornet to enjoy!

I also checked out these chips by Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia called Rasa Lokal. More review about it on the upcoming Food Travel post! ;)

It's the time to have an all you can eat SUSHI! Here I was with my boyfriend and friends, enjoying the many many sushi from Peco Peco. We were totally full at the end of the night that it was so hard for us to move.

Llao Llao was coming to town! I couldn't help to buy one just to taste the tasty caramel sauce again!

Enjoying Marugame Udon food after quite some time. Still loving it!

Found this Salted Egg Potato Chips called Ei at Basha Market and totally attracted with the cute packaging! It ended up tasted really good too!

Another cup of Katuai Kopi with a little touch of Christmas at a nice weekend.

I've been wanting to enjoy Dough Darling's donuts again, too bad they only sold them in a box consists of 9 donuts, when I was only wanting for one, because honestly it's kind of pricey. However, miraculously I won their giveaway! So, I got 1 box (9 donuts) for FREE! I couldn't believe it!

Kinder always has the amazing chocolates. So excited to get it from an office mate. It helped brighten up my mood of working on that day.


Christmas vibe was just getting real in November! Here are some of the amazing Christmas vibe that I enjoyed last month.

That's it for my November favorites.
More exciting posts are coming your way pretty soon. So, don't forget stay tuned on my blog, guys!

Have a great Sunday and see you on my next posts!

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