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December 25, 2017

Opening note: What is vlogmas? Well, it's the combination of the words vlog (video blog) and Christmas. Basically, it's a special occasion where Youtubers will vlog their days everyday from Dec 1 to Dec 24 in celebration of Christmas 🎄

Here comes one of the saddest moments in December: the end of vlogmas. I'm having mixed feeling about it, because in the other hand it also means that Christmas is finally here. So, yeah, I'm not really sure how to feel about it 😂 If you love watching vlogmases like I do, then you'll know what I mean.

Today I'm going to list all of my favorite vlogmases this year and share them with you. Why? Because after Christmas day has come to an end, they can totally help you reliving the beauty of Christmas and also getting ready for next year's Christmas (yeahh, let's start sooner, shall we? 😂).

Oh well, enough with my random rumblings and let's get on with the list! Here are some of the vlogmases that I've been watching EVERYDAY through this December:


Zoe is just simply my most favorite influencer/Youtuber, mostly because of her positive views on life and her love of Christmas. Her vlogs are one of the longest ones but I just love them all.


As much as I love Zoe, of course I also love Alfie! They're just my favorite Youtuber couple everrr! Alfie is just a super fun adventurous person, and I always love to see what he's been up to. Especially since Zoe's love of Christmas has kind of infected him too I guess 😂

Niomi Smart

This Christmas I'm also getting addicted to Niomi's vlogmas. I especially love watching her days with her boyfriend, Joe. If you're a vegan, you should watch her vlogmas, as she's a vegan too and she might inspires you on what to indulge on this joyful days of the year.


If you're into family vlogmas, then I would suggest you to watch Jonathan and Anna's vlogmas. They're a family of five, or.. I guess it's 11, since they also have 6 cute dogs besides their three funny children. The more the merrier, right? 😂

Those are all the vlogmases that I watched every single day this December. There are also some vlogmases that I watched once in a while, since unfortunately there's a limit of how much videos we could possibly watch in a day. It really depended on my mood on that particular day or whether the vlogmas contains something that I'm really fond of (like Harry Potter or Disney for example!). So, it's kind of random, but hopefully you find something that you'll enjoy too. Let's see!

Tanya Burr

Tanya has a hugee love for Christmas. I totally love it when Zoe and her get together, especially on Christmas day! Can you imagine when two people who love Christmas so freakin' much meet each other? Well, you don't have to imagine it anymore because you can watch their vlogmases and see it for yourself how it would look like 😂

I just found her channel this year, and we have some similarities that make me love watching her videos. Especially her book shelf tour video for vlogmas this year which you can watch below:


Meredith started her vlogmas with a Disneyland visit! How could I miss this kind of vlog 😆 (read: I'm a hard core Disney fan).


Connie also started off her vlogmas with my other favorite thing in the world, Harry Potter! Definitely added to my 'Watch Later' playlist.


Kim is another Youtuber that I love to watch since she travels a lot. I definitely love to watch her exploring places, especially in this time of year.


I've been quite obsessed with Madilyn Bailey lately, since she has such a great voice. I just knew it earlier this month, that she has a vlogging channel with her husband, James. I've been binge-watching some videos ever since, especially their vlogmases.


I guess whoever loves fashion and beauty will definitely know about Jenn. Besides her awesome fashion and beauty videos, I also enjoy watching her vlogs lately. However, she only releases her vlogs around twice a month,  as each vlog will contain the compilation of her days. She also has a special name for her vlogmas, which is Jennglebells! Nice! 😁


Last but not least, is the special Christmas videos by Christabel! Last year she had these special Christmas videos called Jelly Jolly Christmas, and this year she's bringing it back again! Her videos are filled with so much fun and festivity which is perfect for this jolly season! Watch one of them below:

Those are some of the amazing vlogmases that I enjoy this year. They have helped making my December beautiful for these past few weeks, and they are one of the things that I'm totally going to miss about December.

Even though December will come to an end soon, it doesn't mean that I'm going stop watching these festive videos though. Once in a while through the year, I sometimes love to watch few vlogmases just to make me feel excited for Christmas again.

Do you love watching vlogmas too? Which vlogmas you enjoy the most this December? Please share your recommendations below, because I will totally love watching even more vlogmases!

Wishing you an amazing and beautiful Christmas day today, and see you on my next posts! 😊

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