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December 18, 2017

It's a week before Christmas!
Oh my, where has December gone?

As Christmas is fast approaching, I would love to share a few Christmas songs that I've been loving this year. Some are new songs that we've never heard before, some are simply beautiful remakes, but I specifically list the songs that are released in 2017. Well, let's get our Christmas spirit even higher with these awesome Christmas tunes! πŸ˜†☃πŸŽ„πŸŽΆ

Lindsey Stirling - Christmas C'mon feat. Becky G.

My very first favorite this year is obviously this song by Lindsey Stirling and Becky G. called Christmas C'mon. When I listened to this song, I just instantly got really excited for Christmas time! I can't help having flashbacks of how many struggles I've encountered in this year, but they're all seem like nothing when this time of year is finally here. Don't you agree?

"There's been times before, you wish for so much more
When I was down and filled with doubt, I had you
And we made it through the year, it's so good to be here."

Frozen Cast - When We're Together (from Olaf's Frozen Adventure)

If you're looking for a heart warming song about togetherness on Christmas time, then this song from Olaf's Frozen Adventure is just for you.

"Doesn't matter where we are, if you're there with me
Cause when we're together, that's my favorite place to be."

Jordan Fisher - Come December

Loving R&B like me? Then you'll totally love this song by Jordan Fisher called Come December! The lyrics will be a perfect fit for you, if you're currently waiting for your loved ones to come home in December.

"No I can't wait for the holidays
Let the snow fall blanket the ground
No I can't wait, hurry babe
Cause I miss you when you're not around."

Pentatonix - Away in a Manger

A classic that is covered by Pentatonix and their melodies just make it becomes even more magical! I have put this version of Away in a Manger on repeat this past few weeks.

"Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever and love me, I pray
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care
And take us to Heaven to live with Thee there."

Taeyeon - This Christmas

Now we're heading to the K-Pop world. Well, the awesome Taeyeon just released her Christmas album about a weeks ago I guess, and this one song is just beautiful! It's called This Christmas. It's a song about sweet memories on Christmas day that will melt your heart.

"I suddenly remember that night
Your especially warm hands
Melted my frozen heart
Feels like it was only yesterday."

TWICE - Heart Shaker

My another favorite K-Pop song is Heart Shaker by the popular girl group Twice. Well, it's technically not a song about Christmas, yet it's part of their Christmas album and it's the main song. So, I'll just go with it πŸ˜‚ It's a cute song about confessing your feeling to the guy that you're attracted to, and I'm always love to see girls who are brave enough to say what they're actually feeling despite waiting for the guy to make a move first. I mean, it's 2017, girls, people want to hear our voices too.

"I won't just wait around like a fool
I wanna tell you that I'm into you
That I like you
That I miss you all day
Would you be my love
Because I fell for you."

TWICE - Merry & Happy

Other than that, TWICE also released another music video called Merry & Happy. It's a Christmas song which will be relatable for everyone who was alone without a loved one last year, then this year you're finally able to celebrate Christmas with someone special.

But this winter with you is different
The carol play doesn't make me cry

Club Mickey Mouse - When December Comes

Then now we're heading to the Disney land. One song that keeps me excited for Christmas is this song called When December Comes specially performed by the Club Mickey Mouse.

"Christmas is better with you
Holiday with the Mickey Mouse crew
Celebration down the avenue
And it wouldn't be the holiday without you."

Asher Angel - Snow Globe Wonderland

Another song by a Disney Channel star that has caught my ears this December is Snow Globe Wonderland by Asher Angel from Andy Mack. Love the catchy 'doo doo doo doo~' πŸ˜†

"Snowflakes, falling all around
Building ice castles on the ground
If we could stay right now here somehow
It's hard forever now
Singing do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Hand in hand in this snow globe wonderland."

Dove Cameron - White Christmas

I truly love the voice of Dove Cameron, and I am so in love with her version of White Christmas. It's totally beautiful 😊

"May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white."

Sofia Carson - Chillin' Like a Snowman

I'm totally obsessed with the song Chillin' Like a Villain from Descendants 2, and it's just quite exciting to see Sofia Carson performs the Christmas version of the song called Chillin' Lke a Snowman πŸ˜‚ It's just super funny and fun at the same time πŸ˜†

"If you wanna have fun
Like I know you've been
If you wanna be cool
Like the ice you make

And when we're done with shopping
And filling up the stockings
We'll be chillin', chillin', oh
Chillin' like a snowman."

Ed Sheeran - Perfect Duet (with BeyoncΓ©)

Surprise, surprise! The Perfect Duet is here! Ed Sheeran sure shocked me with his awesome duet with BeyoncΓ© of my most favorite song in 2017: Perfect! It's just... well.. perfect πŸ’–

"Baby I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight."

Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

And when you thought it's already ended, Ed Sheeran struck again with the Perfect Symphony with the awesome Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Oh wow, I'm totally speechless because I'm so amazed by it.

"Ballo con te, nell'oscuritΓ 
Stretti forte e poi, a piedi nudi noi
Dentro la nostra musica
Ti ho guardata ridere e sussurando ho detto:
Tu stasera, vedi, sei perfetta per me."

Well, those are all the songs I'm currently enjoying in this Christmas season. This list is basically made based on my Spotify playlist called: Christmas Tunes 2017. You can check it out here.

Actually, one of my favorite Korean boy band, EXO, is going to release a Christmas album soon. So, there might be a slight chance of me updating this post in the future πŸ˜‚ But for now let's just sit, enjoy the warm glass of chocolate, play the Christmas tunes, and absorb the Christmas vibe while it's still here.

I would totally love to hear about your version of this list! Just share your favorite Christmas songs on the comment box below, okay πŸ˜‰

See you on my next post!

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