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December 14, 2017

Helloooo again!
I don't know why, but I feel like I have such a huge drive to write today, therefore here I am typing down memory lane of my visit to Palacio last month.

I've heard of this place before, yet I've never visited this place until last month. It's a restaurant which also has a wedding chapel, located at Nginden Semolo Street, Surabaya. All I knew at that time was this place sounds like a perfect place for a romantic dinner, and it honestly is!

The plan to visit it was so sudden. It was part of a huge romantic plan by one of my friends (nope, I won't tell all the details about the plan to respect his privacy), and I was just in! We had only 48 hours left before the actual plan was taken into action and I found it really exciting!

The day had come, and it was raining - making it even much more romantic, yet the traffic jam resulted by it was disastrous. Everyone was late. Lucky for me, since the locations of my boyfriend and I were rather close to this place, we ended up arriving first, thus we're kind of having a short date night in that magical rainy weather.

You must be getting curious of how magical this place actually looked like at that time, well let's spoil your eyes with some photographs that I took there:

I didn't get to explore more of this place since it was raining, but they have like a three-story building. I was going to this indoor restaurant with the elevator at the parking lot, and I was pretty much amazed by the beautiful vibe here. Especially because Christmas season is near, so they had the Christmas tree out already, which made me really happy!

We were waiting and getting hungry, so we ended up ordering some food first. I took some pictures of the menu, in case you want to know 😉

Then, these are some food and beverage that we ordered:
- Aqua Sparkling  IDR 12.000
- Korean Burger  IDR 39.000
- Nasi Buntel Tuna Kemangi  IDR 32.000

I totally in love with the Nasi Buntel, particularly with the sambal matah! I chose the Tuna Kemangi one because tuna is one of my favorite food, and it also had my other favorite food: fried tofu, making this dish one of my favorites ever! I'm getting really curious for their other food, I might be coming back to try all their food with sambal matah, because I love it a little bit too much 😂

The night was getting late, but the view was getting prettier. Gosh, I didn't really want to leave this place that night.

Before leaving, I also made sure to snap a photo of the Christmas tree! Look at that Santa hat on the top, really cute, right?

Christmas is just a really special time of the year. Almost everyone celebrates Christmas, even though not all of them are Christians. This fact makes Christmas even much more beautiful, the fact that at Christmas time we can come together despite all of our differences, and just enjoy this wonderful time at the end of yet another amazing year.

That's all for now. Christmas' eve is coming only within 10 days, which makes me kind of sad yet joyful at the same time. I truly wish this Christmas vibe can last the whole year long! 😌

Have a great build up days to Christmas everyone!
See you on my next posts! 😄

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