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November 15, 2017

October might have passed, but the memories of this special month still remain.
October is my birth month, and it's also the birth month of A LOT of my loved ones, which make this month always feels really festive. Every week is another birthday coming up.

For October this year, there weren't really that many celebrations being held. My family only had a small celebration with a birthday cake for my little sister. Two of my brothers and I who were also October babies, didn't really want any cake for our birthdays because we used to have too many cakes in October that we just couldn't finish them all.

Alright, so that's all for the small and private celebration within my family. Now I will share some photos from few birthday celebrations that I had in October. Let's just get into the festivity! 🎉


My boyfriend also celebrates his birthday in October, and here's what I got him this year: cute donuts from Barby's Bakery!

The next day, I treated him a nice lunch at The Neighbors which was such a pleasant afternoon. I truly love the food and the vibe of this place. The Chicken Matah Rice is totally recommended, it's spicy and yummy! 😋 However, make sure to have your google maps with you so that you won't get lost while finding the location to this place.


My birthday celebration started with the surpise at the office. It began with a sweet gesture of my leader by giving me this huge cup of T4U Indonesia Pearl Green Milk Tea, then out of nowhere my office mates appeared with this cute chicken-shaped cake from Tous Les Jours! 😆

After the office hour was over, my boyfriend and I were heading to Galaxy Mall to celebrate my birthday. The first destination I went was Starbucks! I used my Starbucks Card birthday privilege that day so that I could get a free grande drink after having a min. IDR 25.000 food purchase. Of course I chose to have Iced Caramel Macchiato and the Tuna Bread as the treats for the night.

Afterward, my boyfriend treated me a dinner at SushiTei. I had a bowl of noodles to wish for a long life and also some sushi rolls. Moreover, I also got the free birthday sushi just because I showed my ID card to let the staff checked that I was celebrating my birthday on that day. Such a joyful night ☺ Especially as I opened the presents! I felt like Christmas was already here!

Here are some sneak peeks of the presents I got this year. Totally grateful for all of them ❤


Another celebration that I had was the celebration of my birthday together with my boyfriend's and our friend's. So, the three of us were treating our close friends with a nice dinner at Guilin Restaurant. It's a Chinese food restaurant, and the food were amazing! The price wasn't that high either, which makes it really convenient for us. We had a wonderful night there! ☺

My friend also bought me a pie from Corica Pastries for my humble birthday cake 😄

That's all about the festivity from October!
It was such an amazing and memorable month this year. It's rather hard to finally move on to November, but I know it's even much more exciting because Christmas is coming soon! The holiday vibe is just the best, don't you think so? 😆🎄⛆

This is it for today, guys.
Have a pleasant weekday and see you on my next post! 😁

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