Favorites // December 2017

January 07, 2018

Wow, December is finally over and here we are on the very first month of 2018! It's time to say goodbye to 2017, but beforehand let me share with you some of the things that I enjoyed at the end of 2017. Let's just start shall we? 😆


In December I was put into awe by this music video by Kurt Hugo Schneider which was the mash up of 2017 hit songs. Besides the great mash up, the thing that got me so amazed by this video is that it's a reverse and one-take video! Talking about dedication! Enjoyed it very much.

I always love EXO's Christmas album and this time it's no exception. They released a new song called Universe and it's just such an enjoyable song in this cozy weather.

The K-Pop world was shaken by the sudden death of SHINee's Jonghyun on December 18. It was such a regret to lose such an amazing talent like him. I listened to one of his songs that I never heard before. It's called Lonely and it's featuring yet another astounding talent, Taeyeon. I found this song beautiful and I could see how his songs will inspire a lot of people. Thank you for your hard work, Jonghyun oppa. Rest in peace.

End of the year is always a beautiful time. One of the reasons is because of the K-Pop Song Festival which was broadcasted by the three big TV channels in South Korea. Last December, I only got a chance to watch the one from KBS, and it brought me a lot of joy, just seeing my favorite groups performed. It brought me even greater joy to see KBS uploaded and subbed the show into Youtube. Now you can also enjoy it below 😉 If you love Mamamoo, SeventeenGirlfriend, Hyuna, Hwang Chiyeol, Wanna One, The UNI+Red Velvet, TWICE, BTS, and EXO then you should watch it!

Another music that I love in December was Christmas music, of course. In fact, I loved it so much that I made a playlist and shared it on my previous post. Curious to know about it? Check my post here.


You know the end of the year is the time for Youtube Rewind. I just love the idea to look back and reflect, so this kind of video always get me so nostalgic and I just enjoy it so much.

December is also the time for Vlogmas! Have you been wondering whose vlogmases have I watched this month? Well, you can find out more about it on my post here.


I only went to cinema once last December, and I was watching one of my favorite film of all time! It's a Disney Pixar film, Coco! It just has the greatest plot twist I've ever seen in Disney films and also really great messages about family. Such a comfort film that is perfect for the end of the year.


I package was arrived and I couldn't get more excited! The book inside this package was the Couple's Recipe book which is an interactive book that you can use with your lover together. I haven't really used this book, but I'm going to soon enough. It wasn't published yet at that time, but now you can find it in any bookstore near you (if you're in Indonesia). Find out more about this book on its Instagram account here.


There were a few of interesting events that were happening in December. One of them was attending my little sister's ballet rehearsal. I've never watched any live ballet performance before, and even though it's only a rehearsal, I still love it so much. It made me want to go to Europe more and enjoy all the art performances there.

December was also a special month for one my friend since it's her wedding day. Coming to the beautiful reception and seeing how happy she was that night, made me feel so happy.

Finally, after 6,5 years, I got my guts again to do a confession. I felt so blessed and grateful that night.

Doraemon Frosty Village was in town! Somehow, I totally enjoyed the show, mainly because how realistic the costumes were. Until now, I'm still wondering who are the people within the Doraemon and Dorami costumes, are they little kids? because they look rather short to be an adult, but who knows right? 😅

When the holiday was finally arriving, I got a chance to spend an afternoon at Sheraton Hotel. No, I didn't book a room, my relatives stayed there to attend a wedding, so they invited my family to spend some time with them. Such a fun and cozy afternoon.

Christmas was here! Celebrating the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord at the Cathedral church in Surabaya. And, yes, the church was already full even 1,5 hours before the mass started, so I ended up sitting at the right side of the church.

The last trip that I had in 2017 was a trip to Yogyakarta! It was such a pleasant trip and you should definitely look forward for my upcoming post about it! 😉


Starbucks released another fun drink called Holiday Tree Dark Mocha which had green tea whipped cream! Yum! 😋

When you relatives come and bring food from your hometown 😍

Missing this Cookie Monster ice cream from Silly Scoop.

Attending the birthday of my office mates' daughter. Look at these sweet treats! 😆

Visiting All The Fest market and tried out Menteri Indonesia which turned out to be so yummy and spicy, the kind of food I love. I also bought a few other food that I also enjoyed so much, like: Jack & John, Garlick, and Rasa Lokal.

Never thought I would ever love marshmallow before, but when someone add some crunch on it, I'm sold. My little sister introduced me to this Yupi Marshmallow Krunchy Choco Pie which I love so much.

There's something about December that makes you miss a lot of your favorite food, including this Kripik Tempe.

And also this delicious mille crepe cake from First Love Patisserie.

Starbucks also released another series of drink called Yogurt Frappuccino which was only available in tall size for IDR 29.000. It had three different flavors: Matcha, Strawberry, and Mango but I bought the matcha one (obviously). It's still delicious,but I didn't think it's that special. Mainly because the matcha flavor wasn't as strong as I expected, so it basically tasted just like any other yogurt. I still enjoyed it though 😌

Last December I also just found out that Oreo had a new flavor! It's the Dark and White Chocolate flavored cream which I totally love! If you're a sweet tooth, live in Indonesia, and haven't tried it yet, you're missing something tasty.

When the end of December was approaching, it's both intense yet joyful time of the year. Intense because of the work load, and joyful because the holiday is near. My office mates were saving money and we had a nice lunch together at Warunk Biasa Aja. I totally recommend the delicious Nasi Ayam Geprek Kriuk Matah and Roti Bakar Green Tea!

In December I found another super spicy food and this time it's a Pop Mie. It's their newest flavor called Kuah Pedes Dower and it could really make your lips numb, just like the name. It's really spicy that I had to pause for every spoon and drank some water.

Two words: Tumbler Day!

Receiving cakes from a client on the last day of work. Grateful.

Sweet treats to welcome the holiday!

Another drink that I miss: Dum Dum Thai Green Tea.

Unexpected tasty treat: Choklad Mork from IKEA. I always love the bitterness of dark chocolate, and this one was just deliciously bitter 😋

My mother tried out this cwie mie from a restaurant called Mie Ronggo at Pasar Atum Mall. Had a great lunch with family here.

I was so excited for my very first chocolate advent calendar and I couldn't believe that I had one this year! It's the delicious M&S Paddington Milk Chocolate Calendar. I got it when Christmas was already over, but I didn't really care and still enjoy some delicious chocolate each day.

A little souvenir from my trip to Yogyakarta, the famous Bakpia Pathok 25. I bought the chocolate, green tea, and green beans flavors and they're all delicious!

Another Starbucks drink to enjoy with my boyfriend! 😁

A free treat from a friend. A Garlic flavored Sukro Oven Peanut. Tasty!

A fun-filled dinner at Gokana with friends.

A new year's eve dinner with family at Kayanna. Totally doing a post about it soon! ☺

That's all for December, guys. 2017 has ended and I had done my yearly reflection, now it's time to turn the new pages and feeling hopeful again for a much more better and beautiful future!

How's your 2017 been? Hopefully you got a lot of lessons from this precious year.
Thank you for reading this post, and I'll see you soon on my upcoming posts!

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