Food Travel // Rasa Lokal

January 27, 2018

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another Food Travel series! This time I'm going to talk about my new favorite snacks, Rasa Lokal!

I think almost all of you would've known about this famous snack created by Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia together with Rio Motret. They first opened their store in Bali, and soon enough (well, it's tomorrow) they're going to open another branch in SURABAYA! Yes, I am sooo excited and happy that they're opening a branch in the city where I currently live in. Therefore I could go grab myself some snacks anytime I want, right? 😉

They're releasing new flavors for the opening of the new outlet tomorrow, but today I'm going to share what I think about the first three flavors of this famous cassava chips.

As you can see, I tried out three flavors of Rasa Lokal, which are Sambal Matah Gila, Sambal Matah Bali, and Bumbu Betutu Bali. As you open the bigger package, you'll find the small package with the chips in it, then you can also find the sambal, a toothpick, and a wet tissue. I totally love how convenient it is to already have everything you need to enjoy the snack. You can open the sambal with the toothpick, then you can wipe your cheeto fingers with the wet tissue, and you can also use the bigger package to collect all your trashes after you're finished eating. It's just so thoughtful and handy.

The very first one that I tasted was the Sambal Matah Gila, and just like its name, it is crazy! On the very first bite, I was totally in love with it. The chips are not ordinary plain chips, but it's flavored and seasoned, so by itself it already has a really delicious taste. Then I dipped it into the sambal and the spiciness is just perfect. However, as I kept eating it, I started to feel the burn inside my mouth, and I found water and even milk or chocolate really useless. The chips were getting insanely spicy to the point where I couldn't bare it and had to stop. I ended up eating the chips for a few days, just eating it little by little, and I ate the sambal with something else, because I didn't want to add more spiciness to the chips anymore.

Those of you who love spicy food and can actually stand it will find this snack really delicious. For me, even though it's spicy like hell, I still love munching to it because of the tasty flavor it has. So, yeah, all of you spicy lovers, just go get this one.

The next flavor I tried was this Sambal Matah Bali. It's basically similar with the Sambal Matah Gila, just not as crazy. It's perfect for me and any of you who love spicy food, but can't stand it really well. Why? Well, it's because the chips are seasoned but it's not spicy at all, so you can adjust the spiciness of it by yourself with measuring how much sambal you're getting when dipping it. It's my favorite one so far.

Their latest addition to the Balinese flavor was Bumbu Betutu Bali. When I opened the Betutu sauce packaging, I could really smell the unique Betutu fragrance. It made me got excited and ate it happily. This one is totally perfect for any of you who can't eat spicy food at all. It's not spicy, yet totally delicious.

Overall, this snack is totally perfect for the kind of person who loves eating chips and spicy food like I do. However, this snack is rather expensive for me since it's IDR 35.000 for one package, so I can only enjoy it once in a while. Have any of you tried these snacks by yourself? Leave your thoughts about them in the comment box below because I would love to know your opinions about them.

That's it for now.
Happy weekend and see you on my next posts!

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