What Will I See When I Look Into My Eyes

January 09, 2018

Walk to the mirror.
Staring at the reflection of my bare face.
The view of my eyes intrigues me.
What's in there?
What will I see when I look into my eyes?

I see how sad my eyes look.
The dark circles are still there.
Looking tired as always.
I could see worry.
I see fear.
No, why am I always like this.

Then the lights come peeking.
I can see the color of my eyes.
Sparkling right through the dark.
I could see possibilities.
I see hope.
Yes, I would hold on to that hope.

Now it's time to wash my face.
Because it's, once again, a fresh start.


Hello everyone!
Today I'm here with a rather different kind of post. It's quite an impulsive move, but I would love to start #ATalkToYourself series over here on my personal blog and also on my Instagram caption. Basically it's a series of my writing where you can see the subject talking to his/her own self.

I always believe that what you think has a huge control over everything that you ended up doing. That's why I would love to create a more positive influence on self-talk, since most of the times we're just being too tough on ourselves. Hopefully, some of my writings will inspire you to have victory against those demons in your head.

Until my next post, see you!

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