Being An Indonesian Woman

April 21, 2016

Today is Kartini day! For those who don't know, Kartini is the name of Indonesian heroine, who fought for women's emancipation in late 19th century. Indonesian women used to only be able to stay at home, getting themselves ready to be married, taking care of domestic stuff, and also keep themselves pretty. If it wasn't because of her, perhaps there will be no such things as female leaders or female entrepreneurs, or any kind of successful women in Indonesia. In this post of mine, I want to introduce one aspiring young woman, who has motivated myself lately.

Merry Riana. That's her name. When you hear her name, you can hear the sound of happiness and positivety, since 'Ria' in Bahasa Indonesia can also be translated into being cheerful. It was just early this month that I started to read her book 'Mimpi Sejuta Dolar' (One Million Dollar Dream). I was not feeling quite well with life, I felt like something was missing. However, after I read one chapter of the book, suddenly I felt this little energy grew inside me. This book is written by a famous Indonesian novelist, Alberthiene Endah, based on the true story of Merry's life.

I will not tell everything about her life here, because I think it will be too long to be shared. I suggest you to read the best-selling book for that. I just want to tell you a few things about how she inspired me to become someone better. First of all, I really admired her positive energy. Even when she's facing such a big problem, she's always trying to look at the positive side of it. She has a simple and clear dream, she wants to see her parents happy. She kept that dream in mind and keep moving forward. She believed that one day all her struggles would be worth it.

She is really independent and doesn't give up easily. When she didn't have enough money, she didn't ask for more money from her parents. She somehow had to manage her life to match her economy. When she had to do the work that wasn't really enjoyable, she still did it. She believed that by doing that particular job, she would get a skill that will help her to achieve her dream. Her perseverance has made her achieved her dream. She knows that within us, we all have that power to make a change.

Most of all, she makes God become a part of her life. I think it's a very important thing. You're not really sure what life might bring you, but if you have Someone Greater to put your faith into, you will be less worried about life. As long as you believe that God always has a beautiful plan for you, you  will be able to go through the hardships of life. Merry's mother is a faithful Catholic, and she used to taught Merry to pray and put God into her life and Merry did all that.

Today, Merry Riana who was once so poor has become a well known motivator in Indonesia. She still has this one dream, which she wants to be useful for this country. She wants to help Indonesian people to get motivated and achieve their dreams. That is such a noble dream. I really hope her contribution to Indonesia will help a lot of people. Honestly, she already helps me. She brings more life and passion back into my life. We may not have the same journey in life, but her spirit should really be applied in all kind of situations.

As an Indonesian woman, I believe Indonesia needs more women like Merry. The one who after being successful, never forget about her root. You don't have to be a motivator like Merry, but as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, and especially as a mother, we all can make a change. Cheers to become a better woman for the better generations ahead! :D

Once again, Happy Kartini Day to all Indonesian women!

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