How Youtube Changes My Life

May 26, 2016

Hi everyone!

I would like to tell you a story of.. well, how Youtube changes my life. It's not like I'm a Youtuber or anything, I'm just a really loyal subscriber for some awesome Youtube channels! I do have a Youtube account, but I don't really have that much confidence to talk in front of the camera yet, so it's only filled with my works for now.

I made my Youtube channel way back in my junior high school era, in 2007. I made some videos about my favorite idols that time and uploaded it. After I went into high school, I didn't really open Youtube much. I just used it to watch music videos and watching some singers' performances. Basically I never knew that there is this world within Youtube that will change my view about this website forever.

Funny enough, I was brought to Youtube from Instagram. So, there is this one Youtuber that I follow on Instagram called Jenn Im. I really enjoyed her Instagram photos and one day I realized that she also made Youtube videos. So, I went to her Youtube channel, clothesencounters, and watched most of her videos. Starting from her, then I found a lot of amazing Youtubers!! I ended up watching their videos every single day.

Watching their videos, and especially their vlogs really has an impact on me. For those who don't know, vlog is basically a blog in video format. Youtubers usually record their daily life routine, what they are doing and thinking on that particular day, edit it, and upload it on Youtube. When you're watching vlogs for the first time, you might have confusion about who's who, like is it his/her friend, brother, cousin, etc. But once you finally catch up with their surroundings, you will feel like you're having a special connection with them.

Knowing someone else's stories is always fascinating to me. Imagining that right in this second, somebody else is doing something completely different than what I'm doing right now is astonishing. When you watch one vlog then you watch another Youtuber's vlog from the same day, you can feel that there are so many stories in this world. I'm so grateful for these Youtubers to share them, because by watching their stories I can experience things I never experienced before, I could go to many places, and also meet a lot of people.

Sometimes when you're sad and down, watching vlogs can make you happier too. I found myself smiling while watching Jonathan Saccone-joly playing with their kids, or when Zoe and Alfie have a Zalfie moments, or when Zoe was having fun with her friend, Mark. You might not know these names I mentioned, but they are my absolute favorite vloggers on Youtube. Getting to know them was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life.

I started getting interested to watch vlogs back in December 2015. It was Zoella's Vlogmas time! (You can find it on my December 2015 Favorites post 😉) I really love the time when Christmas is around the corner, and apparently Zoe loves them too! Zoe has this second channel dedicated to her vlogs called MoreZoella, and I ended up watching all of her vlogs from the beginning until the latest one that month! After finishing all those videos, I was searching for another channel to watch and I found Zoe's boyfriend vlogging channel, PointlessBlogVlogs. He even does daily vlogging, which means he will post new vlog every single day! Imagine the effort he's putting into to edit these vlogs everyday and posted in on the same time daily! It amazed me so much. Then I found this Irish family which also do daily vlogging for a living, the Sacconejolys. These three channels are my top three for watching vlogs, but that doesn't mean I don't watch other channels too. I have a lot of channels that I really enjoy on Youtube!! I think I might write another post about them, because if I keep on babbling around on this one, it will be too longgg.

Now, watching vlogs has become my daily routine. I usually watch them after I went home from work, to just relax my mind for a little bit. If you're interested in watching vlogs, I suggest you to find the people that have the personality that will motivate you to be a better person. Despite the amazing and good vloggers out there, there are also some Youtubers with bad influence. So, I suggest you to choose wisely. If you want to know more about the vlogging and Youtube world, you might want to watch this documentary by BBC. One of my favorite Youtuber, Jim Chapman, will help you explore more about it. Enjoy! 😁


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