Food Travel // April 2016

May 08, 2016

Hi everyone!
So, I decided to start another monthly post called Food Travel! Yey!!
What is it about? Well, basically it's a summary of the places I went for food on that particular month. Since I enjoy eating so much and there are a lot of new cafes and restaurants in Surabaya right now, I think I would like to share my food traveling experiences with you. When I go traveling outside Surabaya, there might be a chance for me to feature more places! So, fingers crossed for me being able to travel somewhere else in near future 😉

Here are some places I went this April:

Boulevard Bar & Lounge

I went to this place with my boyfriend and his friends. I think it's quite a new place when I went there, because I could see a lot of flower arrangements with congratulatory messages outside. It was fully booked at that time, but thankfully we still managed to get a table. My favorite dish from this restaurant was the Pork Se'i Fried Rice. The fried rice has a unique taste that is so tasty! I really want to eat it again some time.

Pork Se'i Fried Rice

Seafood Platter

Boxing Chicken

Hyperlink Project

I went to Hyperlink Project at SSCC and found some amazing things! First of all, I found this amazing green tea latte at Wake Cup. I used to visit this cafe when I was in university, so it felt so good to reminiscence good old times. The other one is my most favorite rice bowl in the whole market era, Yukitamakan. I really like how spicy and delicious it is, I just can't get enough of it.


It's just an after work hangout with friends. She chose this place to chill together and I just fell in love with the Chicken Pop. I would love to come here and just relax with the delicious Chicken Pop again.


I visited this place to hang out with old friends which I hadn't met for quite some time. It's located in G Walk, Citraland and you will be able to spot this place quite easily because of its unique design. I really enjoyed the Cotton Candy Green Tea Latte and XX-Large Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Over Rice here.

Cotton Candy Green Tea Latte

XX-Large Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Over Rice

Jun Njan

My aunt asked me to join her on a lunch at this restaurant. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I really enjoyed the food. The food has three kinds of portion size (small, medium, large) just like in any Chinese food restaurant. I really like the Fried Chicken with Butter Sauce (Ayam Goreng Mentega), I just couldn't stop munching it.

Those are a few places I've been wandering around for food in April. Hope you enjoy it and see you on May Food Travel! 😄 


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