Favorites // May 2016

May 31, 2016

May has come to an end! Let's start discussing my favorites this month, shall we? :)


I.O.I - Dream Girls

If you have read my previous posts, then you must have known about my obsession for this girls. I really enjoy their debut album, and this song is absolutely my favorite. I wish they will have their first win in a music show soon! I.O.I Fighting!!

Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman' Album

I have always loved Ariana's songs. I've been following her since 'The Way' era and I noticed that her image has changed a lot. Despite that change, her voice and songs are still as beautiful as I first discovered her. I love most of the songs on her newest album, especially Dangerous Woman. Other than that I also enjoy listening to Leave Me Lonely. A Youtuber called Gabriella introduced me to this song through her cover. You can watch her cover below:

Meghan Trainor 'Thank You' Album

Last year, I was so in love with Meghan's debut album. It's fun to see how much she changes her image on this new album compared to the previous one. I just really enjoy seeing the many sides of her, I guess. The song that I'm enjoying the most is Me Too. The beat is fun and the lyrics are so positive and full of confidence. Other than that I also enjoy Hopeless Romantic. The lyrics reminded me of my way of thinking in the past when I was still single and looking for the one. Also I really love No, Friends, and Mom.


Game of Thrones Season 6

I was really excited for the newest season of Game of Thrones! Most of all I was really curious about Jon Snow's fate. I won't tell any spoiler here, but so far this show has really thrilled me. The ending of every episode makes me can't wait for the next one. Next episode, please come faster..


Matcha Pejoy

This snack was super delicious! I can't wait to buy another one! Basically it's a pocky, but the green tea cream is put inside. The taste of the cream is really rich and milky. I couldn't stop eating it until it came to an end. Honestly, I enjoy this one better than the Matcha Pocky on my January Favorites.

Soto Flavored Indomie Fried Noodle

I never thought I would enjoy this Indomie, but I surely do! I always love the fried instant noodle (the one without the soup). So, the idea of making the fried version of the soup one really blew my mind. I couldn't help to try it, and I really love the 'Soto' one. Too bad the crackers inside are too few and small. However, it's still taste awesome!

Martabak & Terang Bulan 93

I never intended to try this, but my brother bought one. The 'terang bulan' flavors that I love are Nutella with cheese and the Green Tea KitKat. Other than that I also really love the chicken 'martabak'. The portion is so big that it suits perfectly for my big family. At the end of the day, we're so full and happy because of it.


I always love this snack from when I was little. I always love to combine the spicy one and the original one. It's because the spicy one is too spicy for me, but the original one is rather plain for me. So combining them make me get what I really want.

Maitos Tortilla Chips Snack Corn BBQ Flavor

I just randomly bought this at the supermarket and ended up loving it. I love this flavor more than the balado one. This one is saltier, the balado one is rather spicy and sweet.

Kitkat Green Tea

Finally the green tea KitKat is released in Indonesia! I couldn't help to try one. The taste is delicious just as expected, but it's quite expensive. So, I will just buy it once in a while.

Allure Green Tea Latte

A bottled green tea latte! What not to love. I really love this brand, so when I saw this new product, I just bought it directly. It's delicious but I think I like the sachet one more. This bottle one is not as sweet as I expected, but it's still delicious enough to have once in a while. It's quite expensive too, but I think it's worth the price.

Those are some things that I enjoy this month. I hope you can share yours on the comment box!
Wait for my Food Travel post for more food adventure details in May! See you!


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