Food Travel // May 2016

June 05, 2016

May is a month with a lot of food travelling! I ate a lot of food! Thankfully, I managed to control my weight. Let's see what I've been eating:

Tal Homebaked

This is one of my friend's business, and I decided to try it out! Go find her on Instagram @tal.homebaked, because I really enjoy these tart! The price is around 10k-15k for one gigantic tart!

Hong Tang

Tried out this dessert place at Tunjungan Plaza 4 Surabaya. There are a lot of varieties of desserts, from Korean, Japanese, etc. My boyfriend ordered the one with the peaches (too bad I forget the exact name, sorry 😭), and I ordered Matcha Parfait! The price range is around 30k-50k above, but I really love the environment of the cafe.

Matcha Parfait

Marugame Udon

This restaurant has become my favorite one this month! I went twice, ordering the same dish! I ordered this Chicken Katsu Curry Udon and took a lot of chilis and green onions on the side. I also bought some fried snacks like the tempura, fish stick, and vegetable tempura. For the drink I chose the free flow cold ocha. I ate this with my boyfriend and we spent around 95k for all of these. I really enjoyed the restaurant's vibe too, that's why I kept coming back to this place last month.


Finally got a chance to try this new hype restaurant in Surabaya! They serve cheesy pork ribs that melts  beautifully (98k). For those who doesn't like pork, don't worry there's a chicken option for this dish. I definitely ordered the chicken one, because I love chicken more than pork. I also recommend the Pillow Curry Rice (28k), because the curry is so delicious! (but I might be biased since I love curry way too much 😝). The Spicy Celebes Rice (28k) is also yummy, and I ate it all up happily!

Pokzilla Cheesy BBQ - Chicken

Pillow Curry Rice

Spicy Celebes Rice


Randomly craving for puff and remembered that there was this one store who sold it at PTC. So, I went to buy some. I bought the Nutella, Cookies and Cream, and Kuro Matcha. They were all so delicious! I would like to buy some again. The price range is around 12k-16k for one puff.


My little sister ordered this fries and I tried it out. She ordered the Grovy Garlic one. It was delicious but I found that the sauce on top was too much. Next time I order, I will definitely ask for less sauce.

Hokky Supermarket

I really love grocery shopping and buy the things I never tried before! Last month I bought some random snacks at Hokky Graha Family. I munched them all happily one by one!

Malang Adventure

Last month I did a one-day trip to Malang! I ate and did a lot of good stuff! I decided to make one full post about it. Here's the link to read the post!

Marrakesh Market

Another market's in town! I accidentally stumbled into this market. I bought quite a lot of food here.

My little sister bought another fries. It was so big that my family members could munched it all joyfully.

Tried out this Pork Curry by Thai Street Food. It's so spicy yet there was also a sweet taste to it. 

Found this cute Brownies Tart with Hershey's. I found it so unique because it combined brownies and tart. It's also such a sweet and yummy dessert. Bought the Choco Brownies one (15k)!

Some things never changed. I always tempted to buy this rice box (25k). This time I also bought the small bottle of the chili (35k) just to complete the spiciness on my lunch box that I bring everyday to work. It only lasts for 2 weeks though, so I need to ate it fast!

My mom wanted to try out this new nastar by Mayasi. I has to say that I love this one.

Terang Bulan 93

I know I'm so late, but I just tried out this famous Terang Bulan maker in town. My little brother once ordered the Nutella one and I loved it! The martabak is also really tasty and the portions are really big. I especially love the Green Tea Kitkat Terang Bulan. It's also very convenient because you can just ordered it via Go-Food. I found a lot of Gojek drivers when I went to visit the stall.

The delicious Chicken Martabak

Green Tea Kitkat Terang Bulan

Those are a few but many food I tasted this month. Make sure to check out my Malang Adventure post! I will try to post it as soon as possible! What have you been eating this month? 😊😆


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