Motivational Monday: Don't Disappoint Yourself!

June 13, 2016

As we grow older, we become more mature and more realistic at times. All those big ambitions we had when we were little are put aside, and we focus on the reality we're facing. It's like we're being structured day by day as we're getting older. Our new responsibilities, such as earning money, become the center of our attention, and we tend to forget what we really want deep inside.

People can change. Our dreams can change. As we're getting older, our interests can change too. When we were little, we dreamed of becoming a doctor, or a pilot, or even a superhero. It was what we wanted to do at that moment, that pure ambition that we believed we could achieve someday. I really love the spirit of the little children. That sparkles in their eyes when they're just enjoying life and never worry about anything. Why can't we be like that again?

When we're getting too realistic we life, we can easily become a pessimist. It's not good. Living a pessimist life will make life becomes even much more tougher than it already is. We shall embrace our inner child again, summon that pure and innocent spirit that we have. The spirit where we believe that we can be anything we want to be. Yes, we can't change the reality we're having right now. We still need to earn money, pay the bills, etc, but remember that you have the choice to do what you want and satisfy your own desire.

Maybe you still have the same dreams since you were little, or your dreams have changed, it doesn't matter. What matter is you try reaching it so passionately just like when you were a little kid. Honestly speaking, for yourself 10 or 20 years from now, yourself at this moment is considered 'little'. So, just start dreaming and start reaching out for it. Don't disappoint yourself by not trying at all. Believe that all those efforts will be worth it at the end.

Have a wonderful Monday,

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