Food Travel: Malang Adventure!

June 19, 2016

Hey, Guys!
Here's an extension of Food Travel // May 2016 post, since this journey deserves one single post of its own! So, my boyfriend, his friends, and I were being somehow adventurous and headed to Malang, East Java just to have a short getaway last month. I always love this kind of road trip, because the vibe inside the car is just so fun. We didn't really plan where to go, except for our first stop. After we were finished at the first place, we were just being spontaneous and went to places that attracted us. Suddenly, it just ended up as a culinary adventure. So here are the places we went:

Djati Lounge

It was located at Araya area and it was such a comfortable place. It was quite smaller than what I imagined, but the pool, the trees, and the view just gave a tranquil and peaceful vibe. I enjoyed the food I ordered which were 'Chicken Salad' (35k) and 'Potato Jacket' (20k). Our drink was called Beach Berry mocktail (35k) which had the perfect taste of strawberry. The price for the appetizer is not that expensive if you look at the portion. However, the main course and few drinks can be rather expensive.

The food and drinks we ordered (top-bottom, left-right): Greenwood (35k), Green Salad (30k), Chicken Clear Soup (25k), Exotic Mojito (35k), Canapes Potato (35k), Potato Jacket, Chicken Salad, Beach Berry.

Potato Jacket: Topped with red beans with the delicious hint of spiciness

Chicken Salad: The sauce has a unique taste that I love!

Beach Berry


After we're finished eating at Djati Lounge, we took some photos then heading to the next destination:

Toko Oen

This place has been opened since 1930, so it has a retro feel to it. I felt like going back in time to the early 90's when I entered this place. You can find the old school furniture and architecture, and they even use Dutch in their menu and posters, since Indonesia used to be invaded by the Netherlands. My boyfriend and I ordered this ice cream called 'Oen Special'. I was quite disappointed with their portion, since it's such a small portion for an ice cream which is worth 50k rupiahs. However, the taste is surely delicious. I really enjoyed eating it!

Oen Special


After we're finished at Toko Oen, we were quite confused of where to go, but then we decided to have Bakso Bakar (Roasted/Grilled Meatball). There are two places that sell this food, but we chose the one at Pahlawan Trip street.

Bakso Bakar Trip

The food I ordered were sweet Bakso Bakar, spicy Siomay Bakar, and a bowl of Bakso Campur. The taste is quite tasty for me and the price is still reachable.

Bakso Bakar Manis

Bakso Campur Biasa

Siomay Bakar Pedas

Pangsit Mie.

Sorry, it's blurry. But at least you'll have a picture of this place :)


Last but not least, we went to buy some food for our family back in Surabaya.

Malang Strudel

The best-seller product of this place is of course the strudel. There are some various flavors that you can choose with different prices for the premium ones. My friends agree that the strudels are so delicious! I suggest you to buy it at around noon though, since the later you come the fewer available products there are.

The strudel flavors that you can choose. The price range is around 45k per box for the regular flavors. I forget about the premium ones, but I believe it's about 60k per box.


So, that's my short culinary adventure in Malang. If you have more recommendations of where to eat in Malang, you can write your suggestions on the comment box below!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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