Why What Others Say About Your Body Doesn't Really Matter

June 27, 2016


I believe everyone is sensitive about their body image. We don't really enjoy it when people talk negatively about our body. I never really understand why someone wants to hurt the feeling of others with their mean words, when they don't really know what the other person is experiencing. However, with the right attitude, I think we can overcome those insensitive judgement and become a better person.

Have you ever heard someone told you that you're fat, then somehow other people said you're skinny? I've experienced it for quite some time, but not until now that I realize how bizarre those comments are. Like, it's rather confusing, don't you think? Some people think you're fat, some people think you have normal weight, and some other people think you're skinny. It makes me realize that other people don't really know what they're talking about. Everyone will have different opinions about your body. No matter how fat or skinny you are, they will never be consistent about their opinions. That's when I ask myself, "Why bother with what they think then?"

What really matter is how you feel about your body and how you should treat it right. What I like to do to have the exact standard of my body is by checking my BMI (Body Mass Index). It will tell me exactly whether I'm too skinny, or if I'm in my normal weight, overweight, or obese. After knowing the truth, the next step is to accept your condition right now and try to change it if it's not right (too skinny or overweight). Remember that you're not changing to please anybody but yourself. You deserve to have a healthy body and a long life. So, if taking care of your body will make you achieve that, why not? I believe it's everyone's dreams to be the best version of themselves, it's just a matter of their own mindset to reach those dreams.

When you're doing something because you recognize how important it is for your own body, life, and future, you will finally embark on a journey to be the best version of yourself. The only thing you need right now is a positive mindset to keep you going strong. It's not gonna be easy, because life is never easy. There are a lot of trials and errors coming towards you, but if you believe that you can overcome them, then everything is going to be worth it.

This mindset can be applied to any issue honestly, not just body issue. So, stop listening to those negative comments and believe in yourself. Happy Monday! :)


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  1. Totally agree. Baru2 ini dikomentarin sepupu yang lama gak ketemu, padahal saya nya kangen bener mo ketemu dia. Eh pas baruuuu aja ketemu langsung dibilang 'ih lo gendutan tuh' eh ujung2nya ngajakin ikutan program di *erba*ife. yaampun kan miris saya.

    1. Komen kayak gitu emang selalu bikin suasana hati jadi ga enak, yang sabar yaa. Semangat terus!! Thank you for reading anyway :D


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