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June 12, 2016

I made a promise to show you some of my favorite Youtubers and I'm about to fulfill that promise. Few weeks ago I wrote a post about How Youtube Changes My Life, it tells a story about how this Youtubers have affected my life in a good way. Watching Youtube has become a daily routine for me now. Right after I arrive at home after work, I will open my laptop and watch some videos from my subscriptions. It really helps me relax and chill for a while, and also boost my mood when I'm down.

Out of all the contents I can find on Youtube, my favorite kinds of videos are vlogs, Q & A, favorites, hauls, travel videos, and also funny challenges. There are a few channels that I really adore and I want to share my joy of watching them with you. I will list some of them here in no specific order, because they're all have a special place in my heart.


Source: Zoella

Source: MoreZoella

If you're the type of person who enjoys listening to people keep rumbling on about what they have in mind, then maybe you'll love this girl. She's a beauty and fashion blogger, yet she has a lot of various contents on her blog and Youtube channel that you will enjoy. Be aware that her videos can be so long as she keeps talking about the stuff that she loves, but I do enjoy listening to her since she's always so cheerful and positive. She also has a vlogging channel called More Zoella, where she did vlogmas before and I hope she will do it again this year because I enjoyed it way too much! Other than that she has a beauty product range called Zoella Beauty and her newest collection is just too sweet! She's also the author of Girl Online novel series. She even got herself and her boyfriend, Alfie (also a Youtuber) made into their own wax statue at Madame Tussauds London! How insane!

What I adore about her is the fact that even with all her achievements, she's still managed to be a friendly and down to earth person. She's also a strong girl who's dealing with her anxiety and problem attack positively. She's really quite a role model for me :)


Source: PointlessBlog

"Gooood morning, guys!" That sentence is Alfie Deyes' catchphrase because he always says it with his unique tone every time he begins his vlogs. He's doing a daily vlog (which means he vlogs,edits, and uploads EVERYDAY!), he has a main channel full of a lot of fun challenges, and also a gaming channel where he will play The Sims! My favorite game ever! He also has a PB Merchandise which I really wish to have!

Alfie is a really fun and daring person. He loves doing fun challenge videos and I really enjoy watching his daily activity with his friends. If you haven't recognized already from the video above, Alfie is Zoella's boyfriend. They are often up to a really fun and interesting collaboration together and also with their other Youtuber friends. Stay tune on his channels for a lot of fun with them!



Source: Anna Saccone

Meet this cute little Irish family who currently lives in England. Jonathan and Anna are definitely the sweetest couple with the cutest babies, Emilia and Eduardo. They are uploading this sweet little vlog everyday just to make me smile watching them. Their family name, Sacconejoly, is the joined name between Anna's (Saccone) and Jonathan's (Joly), there you have it! The Sacconejolys! Jonathan record most of the vlog, edit it, and upload it, but Anna do help with the vlogs too, don't get her wrong. Anna also has her own channel where she talks about her eating and fitness llifestyle, her kids, favorites, beauty stuff, etc. I really enjoy watching her videos with her kids, because it's just too cute not to watch. Jonathan also has his own channel, but he hasn't uploaded any new videos. I guess, he's just too busy already with their daily vlogs, his wife, kids, and the six dogs. Subscribe to them to become their friends! :)


Source: blogilates

Want to do a workout but don't know where to start? Then this Youtube channel will be perfect for you! Blogilates is founded by the one and only Cassey Ho, who will be your helpful and fun pilates instructor. You can subscribe to her newsletter and monthly workout calendar on her website, or simply scrolling through the videos on her channel and find one workout video that you want to try. She's so friendly and talks a lot in her videos, which is good to keep us distracted from the workout we're doing. She also makes videos about clean eating with simple recipes that we can make at home. Other than that, she also has a fitness clothing line called POPFLEX and the clothes are gorgeous!


This channel is one of the earliest subscriptions I had. I fell in love with her style and amazing photos on Instagram then I realized that she has a Youtube channel, which made me so excited! Jenn Im is such a sweet Korean girl who grew up in the US. Her videos are mainly about fashion and beauty. She also do some vlogs once in a while which I enjoy watching so much. I really love her look book videos and beauty tutorial. I find them inspiring, and they help me to get myself ready perfectly. She recently collaborated with ColourPop and created her beauty range called 'Jenn Ne Sais Quoi'. If you like the videos above, then you need to check out her channel for more!


Source: Paopao

LASTDAY Production is a channel full of a lot of funny yet realable videos, basically our daily lives on the screen. These videos are in Bahasa Indonesia, but they do have the English subtitles. So, even if you don't understand Bahasa Indonesia, you'll still be able to understand what they're talking about. I really admire the crew, especially Guntur and Pao Pao, because they have bring a new color for Youtube in Indonesia. Few days ago, Pao Pao just uploaded her first ever vlog on her own channel which made me so excited! Hope she will keep uploading more!


She's one of my favorite Indonesian fashion bloggers! She's such a sweet and pretty girl with a really good sense of fashion. Her videos are mostly about fashion and beauty, but there are also some travelling videos, and videos about her love story #111LoveStory, which I adore so much! I first discovered her on Instagram as well, then she became more active on Youtube, and I couldn't be happier. Go read her blog too, if you're into fashion and beauty! :)


Source: Han Yoo Ra

She's a Korean who has been living in Indonesia for quite some time.  Her vlogs are so hilarious to watch, especially when she's role playing with her dolls. Unfortunately, she's doing her videos in Bahasa Indonesia, so if you don't understand the language, it will be quite hard to enjoy the video. However, for all the Indonesian people who loves anything Korea-related, you'll love her channel, because you'll learn more about Korea from her. :D


Those are some channels that I love for now. Honestly I still have a lot of recommendations for you, but I realize it's been quite a long post already. So, I think I will write those recommendations on other posts (yes! POSTS!). Hope you find a channel or two that you love already, because it's going to be such waste to miss this fun world of Youtube.


Also, I want to give my tribute to


I still can't believe that she's no longer with us in this world that we live in. She's such a talented girl and I feel really sad for her to be gone in such a tragedy. However, I know she's in a better place and thanks to her channel on Youtube, I still can listen to her beautiful voice and watch her performing beautifully. May God gives strength to her loved ones who have to go through this huge loss.


Have a good Sunday everyone!

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