Favorites // June 2016

June 30, 2016

We're officially half way through 2016! Wow! How fast time has passed!
Since June is over, it's time for me to share my favorite things throughout the month. So, here we go!


EXO - EX'ACT - The 3rd Album

EXO is back!! I'm so excited for their comeback since EXO is one my most favorite K-Pop groups! They have the third album released with a double title songs. I've listened to the whole album on repeat, and my favorites are Lucky One, Monster, and Stronger. 'Lucky One' and 'Monster' are their double title songs, which have strong dance moves and catchy rhythm. You can check out the MVs below. While 'Stronger' is more of a slow song with great melody and vibe.

Ariana Grande - 'I Don't Care', 'Bad Decisions', and 'Everyday'

Ariana Grande newest album 'Dangerous Woman' was in my favorites last month. However there are some songs that attracted me this month, and I keep repeating them. Since I didn't mention these songs last month, I think I should put it in this month's favorites. 'I Don't Care' is a song about self love and its lyrics are really inspiring for me. 'Bad Decisions' and 'Everyday' have catchy rhythm that I really like.

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher - Make You Stay

This newest single by the couple duo of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan is really good! Not only the song but the music video is also nicely done. Really enjoying this one!

Little Mix - Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)

This song by Little Mix is just so beautiful. The sad feeling in the song is being delivered beautifully.

Sistar - I Like That

Sistar is back with another new song! I really love the dance moves of this song. It's just so unique and cool!

Gugudan - Wonderland

Finally Sejeong and Mina from I.O.I are debuting on their own group called Gugudan. Furthermore, Kim Nayoung is also in this group! I really adore Nayoung on her Produce 101 days. I'm glad that she finally gets the debut she deserves. This song is really enjoyable for me, and I love the music video.


Game of Thrones S06: Battle of the Bastards & The Season Finale

I have to say that these two final episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6 are really my favorites. The battle of bastards between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton is really nerve wrecking, and the finale is just full of unexpected endings. I love how the story is going, and with the end of season 6, I just can't wait for season 7.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Yet another series that I really love. I kind of torn between the feeling of happiness and sadness about the start of season 7, since this is the last season of PLL. I'm really curious about the identity of this Uber A, but yet I don't want the story to ends. I just wish it has a good ending, then I can re-watch the entire series all over again.

Finding Dory

I was really curious about this movie, thankfully I got the chance to watch it, and I love it! I laughed a lot during the screening and it has lots of nice quotes. You can read my full review of this film here.

Oh My Venus

I know I'm pretty late, but I just watched this show this month and I haven't finished it yet. But, I really love watching it! It's a story about this girl who used to be the 'Venus' at her school, but years later she has changed a lot, she gained weight, and people can't believe she used to be the pretty girl anymore. The story line is really entertaining for me, but since I haven't finished watching it, I can't really say anything yet, because the story can change unexpectedly. That's just how Korean Dramas work. It's been quite some time since I last watched any K-Drama, and I'd really love to get back into it!


Wow! I'm really happy that he finally made a Youtube channel this month! If you doesn't know him, he's the boyfriend of Alfie Deyes' sister, Poppy. Alfie, Zoe, Poppy, and Sean hang out together a lot, and I always love to see Sean and Poppy together. Sean and Poppy didn't have Youtube channel, but now Sean has one! Now I can watch his vlogs and see how his daily life with Poppy. I usually just see Alfie and Zoe together, so it's really fun to see Sean and Poppy too. I really wish Poppy will make a Youtube channel too, because I also really love her. Check out his first ever vlog below.

Found another family Youtube channel that I really love! Ellie and Jared is an American couple with two sons. I discovered them just recently and I started watching their vlogs. They have the cutest little boys, and their relationship is just beautiful. Can't wait to watch more of their vlogs! Here's one to get you started, if you're curious and interested to watch them.


Matcha Oreo & Tohato

These two matcha snacks are insanely delicious. I love the matcha oreo a little bit more than the Tohato, but believe me, they're both worth to repurchase. I really love the matcha oreo that I ate it slowly. I ate a few, then kept some for the next day, and the next day, and the next day, until finally it had to come to an end. My mother and sister bought it for me at Papaya Supermarket, but unfortunately I don't know how much they cost.


I fell in love with this rengginang this month! It's just a perfect savory snack for me. My mother bought it from her friend, and I was so happy that she did.

The Origin Coffee & Dine - Chicken Pok

I love this Chicken Pok! The spices are just so delicious. I really want to eat more.

Tous Les Jours Bakery

I fell in love with the pastry and chiffon cake from this bakery. The vibe of the place is also perfect for hanging out with family and friends. Especially loving those chocolate pastries.

Chitato Crispy French Fries

Whenever I miss Jagabee, I will surely munch this. It has the same texture and the flavor is yummy.

JL Cookies

My mother bought this cookies, and it has been inside my refrigerator for a while. So, I decided to open it and try it out. I love it. Unfortunately, my mother forgets where she bought it. If any of you know, make sure to tell me on the comment box! :)


Just tried a few pieces and I love it. It's 65k for this one portion. I think it would be better if you buy it together with your friends and share it since I don't believe one person can eat all of them.

Indomie Real Meat

Some people say it's not delicious, but I considered it as a yummy food! Maybe because I love chicken and mushroom, I don't know, I just love it. It's still quite hard to find in the supermarket though. My mother found it at Papaya Supermarket.

Salad Flavored Pretz

I seriously loving it. It basically tastes salty and delicious. Too bad, I only had one bag of it.


Who doesn't love Pepero? Especially when your bias' face is on it! I always love cookies and cream pepero and it's just a really happy coincidence that D.O. is on the packaging of this exact flavor.

Keripik Tempe

Some souvenir from Batu. My aunt bought me this tempe chips and I just love munching to it.


Recently Yoshinoya has this promo for two persons. My friends and I decided to try it. I never expected to love the crispy spinach so much. I also really love the beef yakiniku, the fried snacks, the drink, the pudding. It's just the package of perfection for me. I ate it happily.

Gelato Paradise

Finally tried this ice cream. It is the medium sized cup, and it's worth 45k. You can choose three scoops of the ice cream and I shared this with one of my friends. We chose three different chocolate flavors. It's a triple chocolate! But we love the dark chocolate the most.

After Eight Mint Chocolates

If you really love mint chocolates like me, then you'll love this. The taste of the mint is just perfectly combined with the chocolate. It also has to types of chocolate inside the bag, milk and dark.

Top Noodle Express

I have always loved the food from this restaurant. However, this month I feel like I fall for it all over again. I really love the noodles and the dumplings. They're just freakin' delicious.

Orange KitKat

Yes, I love orange chocolates! They taste so refreshing to me. Glad that KitKat has this flavor.


Moana First Trailer

Moana finally released its first trailer!!! I was so excited for it, since I always love the Disney Princess franchise. I just can't wait for this upcoming princess!

Bad Week for Orlando

I am so terribly sad of what happened in Orlando. Three different days with three different tragedies. The first one is the death of Christina Grimmie who was shot at her fan signing event. Then there was this mass shooting at a gay bar. Also there was this two-year-old toddler who died because he was snatched by the alligator at Disney Resort. It's just too sad. Here is a video of Sam Tsui singing different version of the cover he once did together with Christina, 'Just A Dream'.

Shanghai Disneyland Opening

It's a big deal for me, since I live in Asia. So, I believe someday I can go visiting this wonderful new Disneyland in Shanghai. Can't wait for that day to come true!

UK Leaving EU

Well, it's quite a shocking news that Great Britain decided to leave European Union. I just can't imagine how many changes will occur because of this event. However, I believe everything is happening for a reason, and I hope everything will be better in the future.

So, those are a few of my favorite things that I enjoy this month, and also a few events that have quite an impact on me this June. Can't wait to see what July has to offer for me.

See you in July, everyone!

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