Food Travel // June 2016

July 03, 2016

Hey yo! It's another food travel post coming your way!
I'm on my Eid holiday, so I hope I can go to a lot of places and try out some delicious food out here in my hometown, since I'm not traveling anywhere. Well, if I do go, those stories will be on my next month post though. So, let's just enjoy what June had to offer me first. Here you go!

Edo Kaiten Sushi

I never liked sushi, so I just ate a plate of udon here (the price is around 50k). However, I did try one piece of sushi, and I was actually okay with it. Hmm.. How strange..

Chicken Yaki Udon and The Sushi Boat behind

The Origin Coffee & Dine

I was there as a part of my full-time job, but I did enjoy the place. I genuinely enjoyed the Chicken Pok (30k). You should definitely try it when you visit this place.

Having Chicken Pok and Matcha Latte.

Matcha Latte

Chicken wings

Aeropress brewed coffee. The colder it gets, the more bitter the taste.

Tous les Jours

I visited Tous les Jours twice this June. The first time was with my family. We just bought some breads and left. The second time was with my boyfriend. We didn't just buy the breads, we also hung out there for a while. I really enjoy the tiny place and I will definitely be back to try out their drinks, since I didn't get the chance to try any from my last visits.


It used to be a place which sold waffles behind my high school, but now it has some branches at the mall. The store even has various flavors now. I tried out half red velvet and half green tea waffle with oreo cream cheese filling, and it was heaven.


There was a 50% discount off promo only at Excelso on Sulawesi Street. So, my boyfriend and his friend went there and had a little fun time. I love the matcha frappio, and the sampler is always my favorite, both chicken and seafood.

Choco Chip Frappio and Matcha Frappio

Club Sandwich, Seafood Sampler, and Chicken Salad


It's been quite some time since the last time I actually ate this fast food, especially eating it in the restaurant. I usually just used the delivery service and ate it at home or at campus with my friends for some special occasion. It's good to spend a long time here and just catching up with friends. I tried out this new menu called 'Spicy Chicken Bites'. It's spicy and I like it!

My friend brought this stroopwafels as a souvenir from her trip to Netherlands :)


Another promo from Yoshinoya on June to July. You will get two portions of the meal with lower cost. I never really tried Yoshinoya before, and I just realized how much I love the food. I really love the orange chilly and crispy spinach.

You'll get rice and the beef (with the option between the original or yakiniku one), fried chickens, crispy spinach, a bottle of Javana tea, and chocolate pudding. For the sauce, you can take it by yourself. In total you will pay for 99k (after tax) for two portions of the meal above. 

Gelato Paradise

Tried out this gelato at Tunjungan Plaza. It was 45k for the medium cup. My friend and I shared one cup and we got to choose three scoops of ice cream. We ended up choosing three different flavors of chocolate.

I kind of forget about the name of the flavors that we chose, but I believe we had 'Dark Choco Hazelnut', 'Choco Brownies', and 'Cocoa Sorbet'. The Cocoa Sorbet was the best! It's a really delicious dark chocolate flavor.

Top Noodle Express

I never really tried out the dimsum here (19k/portion, tax included), but honestly I really love them! The noodle is also really yummy (49k)! I will definitely go back to have some lunch or dinner at this restaurant.

Mie Casiew Bebek (49k, tax included)

Pangsit Rebus Saos Kecap Pedas


I always love grocery shopping. I need to walk through every aisle before I conclude my shopping and go home. Last June, my month went grocery shopping without me and brought home some of these gems. I especially love the matcha oreo! Really want to purchase it again! I also love the green tea Tohato, the Chit Chat pilus, and Indomie Real Meat. The Chitato foodie is kind of too sweet for me, but it's still delicious though.

That's it for June, folks! See you on next post! :)

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