TV Series Review // Oh My Venus

July 07, 2016

Warning: This post includes some spoilers

I just finished watching this K-Drama last night! It's been quite some time since the last time I watched a K-Drama. I believe the last time I watched any K-Drama was around last year. I even forgot the title of the last drama I watched. Anywayyy. since Descendants of the Sun became so famous, I was intrigued to get back into this world. Last month I decided to watch a K-Drama! I remembered this one particular drama that I got so interested in, but never ended up watching, Oh My Venus.

When I hit that play button of the first episode, I was really interested and curious about the weight loss journey of the female lead. I thought a fat female lead would pop up on the screen. Apparently, the female lead was once a really pretty girl who then years later would have a drastic change on her appearance. I didn't really expect this kind of story line, so I was so happy to know more about the things that would happen to her.

Just like any other K-Drama, the story line will get more complicated and tangled. More characters started to show up, more connections of the people and events occurred. The most important thing that I really love from this drama is how positive the female lead, Kang Joo Eun, is. She keeps on saying how she can achieve anything as long as she puts her mind into it. I think it's such a good message for the viewer. As you keep on watching the series, you will see how Joo Eun overcomes her struggles by keeping that sentence alive. However, this series is also able to keep the story quite realistic with Joo Eun breaks into tears once in a while when things are way too hard for her.

I laughed a lot and I also cried so hard while watching this drama. The characters are so funny and playful, which made me so happy to watch them. Still, at some point, K-Drama will have some sad plot on the story line, and I cried so hard when it finally occurred at the end of episode 12 of this series. Fortunately, at the end of this drama, everyone gets their own happy endings.

Despite the beautiful story line, full of interesting ups and downs, there is still something missing or incomplete on the plot for me. I'm still really curious about the stalker that stalked Joo Eun at the end of episode 4. Who is he? Why did he stalk her? I thought he would appear again on the next episodes, but he never did. I feel like I still need some explanations about him, but he's just gone instead. I'm quite disappointed by that.

Overall, I really love this drama. It has a good message about positive thinking and it's really entertaining to watch. I will rate this drama 4.5 out of 5.

Go watch it if you haven't ;)

Here are some trailers for you who want to have a sneak peek :D

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