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July 21, 2016

Hello everyone! Starting this month Food Travel posts will appear more than once a month! I just realized that the monthly post is getting too long sometimes, and it will be better to have a more detailed and shorter individual post than the longer one. So, I just decided to post one for every place that I visited. Don't worry though, because the monthly post will still be posted as a recap of my food travelling on that month. Stay tuned for more Food Travel posts in the future, since I just love food so much!! :D

Two weeks ago I finally had a chance to visit this one particular place that I've been wanting to visit but never got a chance. Kudos Cafe! I love how the facade looks and I used to wondered what does it look like on the inside, and of course I was also wondering about the food!

I came here for a breakfast with my friend. They have a breakfast package for 50k (only available at 8 am - 11 am) which consists of the breakfast menu that you choose and a cup of coffee. They have four different dishes for breakfast, and you can choose between a latte or cappuccino for the coffee. After considering for a while, I ordered the Big Breakfast and a cup of Cappuccino.

The coffee appeared first then followed by the meal a few minutes later. I started to eat it and I wasn't able to finish it. It was indeed a BIG breakfast. There were two slices of bread, mushroom, scrambled egg, sausages, tomato, shredded cheese, and butter on my plate. The bread was definitely making me full quite fast, so I just ate 1 1/3 of it. I really enjoyed the scrambled egg, mushroom, and sausages though. The taste is just perfect for me. The coffee was also perfectly bitter just like it needed to be.

The vibe of the place is really nice. I said I like the facade, but I like the inside even more! This three-story building has a unique design that I really love. Each floor is unique and I was really fascinated by it. I always love room with big windows plus the great view, and this place has it. I believe I could stay for hours in this place, if only we weren't in quite a rush that time.

I'm sorry I didn't take too many pictures of the building that time. As I said we were quite in a rush since we had to head to another place soon enough, so we just stopped by to have a quick little breakfast. But, I will definitely go back to this place if I have another chance. I am interested to try the pasta next time. Tell me your menu recommendation if you have ever visited this place too! I'd love to hear that.

See you on my next post! :D

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