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July 30, 2016

Last week, I visited a place named TooTooMoo Patisserie with my friends. This place has opened since few years ago, but it was my first time going there.

Here are some food that we ordered:

Nachos & Dip (30k - tax not yet included)
I always love nachos and this nachos from TooTooMoo is good! I only wish they have separate dish for the dippings. I just don't really enjoy soggy nachos, I like them crispy and crunchy.

Apple Crumble Pancake (45k - tax not yet included)
The pancake is delicious! The texture and the taste is just really good. If you love pancakes then I'm sure you'll love this one.

Baked Meat Ball On Rice (55k - tax not yet included)
I really love baked rice and the smell of this dish made me want to eat it as soon as possible. It took longer time to be served because it needs to be cooked in the oven, but the waiter had warned us about it, so we were waiting for it patiently.

Oreo Mint Frappe (35k - tax not yet included)
I love this drink! I love mint and oreo so it's just so perfect for me! The taste of mint in this drink is not that strong but not too mild either, in the other word it's just a perfect balance.

Of course this place has cakes since it's a patisserie, but I didn't try out the cake. Simply because I was saving money and trying not to eat too much. Look at these sweet temptations though:

My friend said that this is the new TooTooMoo. When they first opened, they were located at Imam Bonjol Street, then they moved to this current location at Untung Suropati Street. They said that the new place is better and bigger. We found it so cozy here that we ended up talking for hours that time.

Have you ever visited this place before? If you have, then don't forget to tell me about your experience on the comment box below. You can also recommend some food for me to try the next time I visit this place again. For those who never visited this place before, then you can get more information about TooTooMoo by checking out their Instagram.

See you on my next post! Happy Weekend! :)

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