Cheetos New Packaging?!

July 17, 2016

So, I was just wandering around supermarket yesterday when I suddenly saw this:

I just couldn't help to take a lot of pictures of the new packagings to share it with you guys! How exciting! As you can see they have some of the Ice Age characters on the packaging. I was really tempted to buy one each, but I just bought the squirrel one (Scrat), because I really love this funny character, and look the acorn is there with him! lol

I was kind of hoping to find something within the packaging but all I found are the cheetos. Not that I'm complaining, but I just miss the fun of collecting stuff out of this snack. Maybe I'm just being affected by the nostalgia feeling from the release of Pokemon Go. But I know deep inside, I'm really wishing Cheetos and other snacks will put toys inside their snack packaging again someday in the future. Collecting all those toys is just a really beautiful memory from my childhood.

 I still don't know what is going on though. What's up with this new Ice Age 5 special edition packaging series? I've checked out the social media accounts written on the packaging and I found nothing. I haven't heard any news about this packaging yet, but I hope we'll find out soon enough! If you love watching Ice Age then maybe you should collect the packaging of all the characters and take a picture of them :D

Happy Sunday!

In Indonesia we have three different flavors of Cheetos. We have the roasted corn (my favorite!), grilled chicken, and American cheese. If you're from abroad, can you tell me what are the flavors of Cheetos you have in your country? And if you're an Indonesian like me (high five!) then tell me what is your most favorite one out of three? Just leave your comments down below guys! ;)

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