We're Gonna Be Alright

July 18, 2016


Music has a power to tell stories and affect somebody's mood. Those are the things I love about music. I really love the stories in the songs, especially when I can relate to it. As I'm listening to it, it will be as if it's talking to me, and I just love that feeling. I listen to music when I'm happy, when I'm bored, but especially when I'm sad and lonely. I just come to music to lift my mood up and make that beautiful smile appears again.

Today I want to share a song that has been helping feeling better when I'm kind of feeling down and tired. The lyrics of this song are just so perfect and they help me to believe that everything's will be alright. It's a song called Be Alright by Ariana Grande. In this post I will tell you how I relate the lyrics of this song to my daily life. You can listen to this beautiful song here:

Midnight shadows
When finding love is a battle
But daylight is so close
So don't you worry 'bout a thing

The lyrics are reminded me of how needy I am of love and attention when I'm not feeling so good. But, sometimes it's such a battle to seek them from the people around us, since they can't always be with us 24/7. As I ended up alone, I will curl up in my bed and overthink about my problems way too much. This song will comfort me because it tells me that when those days are happening, I just need to remember that the daylight will eventually come and keep the shadows away, so I don't really need to worry about it that much.

In slow motion
Can't seem to get where we're going
But the hard times are golden
Cause they all lead to better days

Sometimes in life, we want to achieve some things we've been longing for as fast as we can. And, when it's still not happening, we just feel like everything's in slow motion. These lyrics help reminding me to keep enjoying the process of reaching my goals, even with all those failures and pains. Because those hard times will bring me to a better days.

Baby, don't you know
All of them tears gon' come and go
Baby, you just gotta make up your mind
That every little thing is gonna be alright

Baby, don't you know
All of them tears gon' come and go
Baby, you just gotta make up your mind
We decide it

We're gonna be alright

The chorus is my favorite part! We need to remember that we have control over our emotions and decisions. Yes, we can cry now and then, but you need to remember to set your mind right. Those tears should be a release, and after you're finished with it you need to make up your mind. Here's where a positive mindset will surely helps a lot. You need to be able to tell yourself that everything is going to be alright. You need to decide that you're going to be alright. Not anybody else, it's just you.

The way that the same lyrics are being repeated twice shows that sometimes we need to keep saying it again and again. It's almost like we're hypnotizing ourselves. It's all in our head, and it is indeed the hardest part. It will be easier to persuade others, but it's harder to persuade ourselves sometimes. But, I believe it's just a matter of practice. The more you train yourself to think positive, the more easier it will be time after time. Practice makes perfect, right?

When you have the strong believe that you're going to be alright, no matter how many times you've been pushed down, you will still be able to get back up each time and say I'm going to be alright.

I hope you all will have a great start for this week. Tell me what you got in mind about this song :)
Happy Monday!


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