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October 29, 2016

I have told you that October is my second favorite month after December, haven't I? Well, there are a lot of reasons why I love October so much, and one of them is because it's the month where I celebrate my boyfriend's birthday! :D

I was planning the small birthday celebration for just the two of us, and somehow there is this one particular place that I wanted to visit so bad. Butter and Bean. I've been dying to visit this place because I saw the photos of it online, and I fell in love love with the decor, the color, and the vibe of this place. It's located inside the Marvell City mall, quite in the middle of Surabaya. When you enter the mall, you just need to take the escalator on your left for one time and you can see it already.

The first thing we did was of course checking out the menus. There were some food that I wanted to try, but then we decided to order these:

There were:
- Hot Green Tea Latte (IDR 25k)
- English Breakfast Tea - 1x refill (IDR 20k)
- Chicken Cordon Bleu (IDR 45k)
- Spaghetti ala Arabiata (35k)
*The prices above are before tax.

The Green Tea Latte was great. However, the portion of the food quite surprised me. It was much smaller than I thought (or maybe it looked smaller because of the huge plate? I don't know). But, yeah, I still felt hungry afterwards. The pasta was delicious, but it was too creamy for me. I wish they had less sauce on it. The food I love most was the Chicken Cordon Bleu. It had nice texture and tasted great!

When my boyfriend asked for the refill on his English Breakfast Tea, somehow the waiter only filled it half full. But, since we're about to ask for bill anyway, we didn't really ask whether it's always like that or not. So, the food and beverage weren't really as I expected.

However, as I mentioned before. I saw photos of the place online, and yes, the place is gorgeous! It's such a good place to take Instagram photos because it has a lot of light from the huge windows across the cafe/restaurant. I always love places with big windows, so seeing the windows here made me so happy! Thank you for my boyfriend who helped me taking some beautiful pictures of mine :)

My boyfriend and I were the first customer that was coming at that time. So, for around half an hour we had the place for ourselves! How exciting! I gave myself a tour and took a lot of pictures around. Here they are:

I really love the colors and vibe of this place! I feel at home since it was so comfortable there. Especially, because I reaaally love to sit next to a window. Imagine sitting there while it's raining! Gosh, I would love to have a cup of warm drink at this place while it's raining outside :)

There is also an outdoor area where you can see the busy street below. For smokers, this is a place for you too:

After enjoying our food, it's time to celebrate the birthday! First of all, the cake needed to make an appearance of course!

The cake was from one of  my favorite bakery, Tous Les Jours. It was a cute and small chocolate cake with heart-shaped chocolates on it. It was kind of messy though, as you can see the cocoa powder was all over the place. Thankfully, my boyfriend said it's still tasted good! :)

I also have presents of course! Yes, presents, in plural. I guess I got a little bit too excited while doing a gift-hunting for him. Maybe, I was also inspired by Zoella and her love of giving presents. Oh well.

I wrapped them all that morning, since I just got the last present the day before our little celebration here. I was so proud of my wrapping though, I just love the blue ribbons so much. There are also some notes inside each presents for him. I was just being such a romantic :p

And of course, we won't forget to take some pictures and selfies together since the lighting is just so flattering! You definitely need to take a lot pictures in this place! :D

For those of you who are interested to visit this place after reading my stories, I will provide you with the photos of the menu book that I took (I know you've been curious about it :p)! Here you go:

So, that's all for my Food Travel story at Butter and Bean! It was a memory that will make me smile every time I remember it.

More of my October Food Travel stories will be posted through November too! I just had a lot to share, but not enough time to write them all within this month. So, get ready for exciting stories from me!

See you soon! ^^

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