Food Travel // September 2016

October 16, 2016

Helloooo everybody!
Wow! It's been quite a while since the last time I posted anything. I'm super busy lately with work and also planning a lot of things for this October (you'll see!)

So, without further ado, I'll show you my food traveling experience through September. There were a lot of places visited and obviously a lot of food tasted. Let's just dig in! :D

Suteki Go

The first time I finally ordered sushi with my own will, and I fall in love with sushi now! :D
If you live in Surabaya, then you might want to check Suteki Go out. Contact them and they will deliver your sushi right in front of your door. How convenient! :)

Waroeng Mee

Visited this place for a few times during lunch break from work. Tried out the banana and taro milk. There is nothing particularly special with the taste, but the portion is really generous for me. I felt really full after drinking a glass of it. The price is 10k for one gigantic glass of milk.

Sambal Rempah & Udang Crispy

For those of you who have read my September Favorites post, then you must have known how much I love these!

Espreciello - Mint Sakura Matcha

Tried out this Mint Sakura Matcha from Espreciello. I didn't really taste any hint of mint in this drink which kind of made me disappointed. Thankfully, the taste of the matcha is nice!

Tous Les Jours Supermal

Fall in love with this Twist Orange Choco Donut from Tous Les Jours! Check out the complete story of my visit to the TLJ in Supermal here

My little sister loves this milk bread and we bought it in September. I haven't tried it yet at that time, but I've tried it now. Just wait for my short review on the October Food Travel post, okay? ;)

Pizza Hut

Visited Pizza Hut twice this month. Once with my family, and once with my friends to celebrate the new couple! The pizza is as yummy as usual, but I still love 'Sensasi Delight' packages so much! I mean, paying 37k for a drink, an appetizer, and a main dish is really worth it.

Disney Princess & Star Wars Aqua

Again, if you've read my September Favorites post, then you'll know about this ;)

Zee Bar

A cheaper and delicious protein bar is definitely really satisfying :)

Wapo Resto

Visited this place for work purposes. The taste is okay, but the portion is really enormous. A really great choice of place to save some money and share your food with your friends.The names of the dishes from left to right are Nasi Goreng Wapo, Kwee Tiauw Goreng, and Nasi Goreng Seafood.

The Origin Coffee & Dine

Another work visit. Really love the big windows in this place. Enjoy a cup of coffee to keep the tiredness away. Enjoying Blackjack Wings and Mouth-Melter Fries. I ate all the fries,because I just love fries.

Kudos Cafe

Visited Kudos again to have a farewell party. One of my close friends is going abroad to study, so we made some time and gather together to just hang out. Ordered a yummy Iced Green Tea Latte (35k). I really love the Aglio Olio (35k) because it has a taste of pepper. I just love spicy food! The Homemade Bolognese (38k) tasted just okay.

Ming Garden

Celebrating my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary in this restaurant. You can read the full story here.

Starbucks, Hachi Hachi Bistro, and Zucker Waffle

Had a relaxing time and decided to visit these places. Read the details here ;)

Dairy Queen

There was a buy-2-get-1-for-free promo for Dairy Queen! Of course the free one is only limited for Oreo flavor, but I love Oreos! So, I love this promo! :D


Visited Gotri for lunch break at work. I brought my own food already, so I only bought a drink. This drink is called something like Chocolate Banana Milkshake (10k). I forget the exact name, but I believe it's similar to that :p The taste of the banana is quite strong, and I just can tell that it's using the real banana that's blended together with the rest of the ingredients. Quite a good taste for banana lovers.

Epicuros Grill & Co.

Enjoying my afternoon, working at Epicuros. The top left menu is Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken (65k), and the top right one is the Seafood Fried Rice (50k) that I enjoyed so much. However the shrimp and squid are kind of strong that my seafood allergy was about to kick start, thankfully I stopped before it got worse.

The one in the middle is Clam Linguine and Lychee Twist Orange (60k). As a pasta lover I just needed to try a pasta, and I loved it. The one next to it is Grilled Herb Salmon (95k).

For the drinks, there were Affogato that we got for free (there was a promo at that time), the Popcorn drink (I forget the exact name.. again.. sorry T.T), and Hot Cafe Latte (29k).

Suzana Bakery

Buying a cake for my father's birthday! It's somehow looked like an old-fashioned cake, since the cakes we have today is somehow look much more modern than this. It's still delicious though, even though I always hate the cream, so it's still okay for a birthday cake :D

J.CO Donut

It was given by one of my co-workers who was celebrating his birthday at that day. Of course I'd choose the green tea donut :D

Session Junkies

I've written a complete story about my very first visit to this place. You can read it here :)

Pikachu Roll Cake

My mom bought this slice of Pikachu roll cake from a market event. I don't know the name of the bakery, but the drawing is really cute. I love it because it has oreo cream filling within! Yum!

Beryl's Orange Peel

The sweetness of the orange and the bitterness of the dark chocolate are making a really combination. Really love this chocolate! This was a souvenir from my aunt when she was visiting Thailand :)


I visited Starbucks twice this month, since there was a 'Tumbler Amnesty' promo. It's a 50% off discount when you bring your tumbler. I ordered my favorites: Iced Caramel Macchiato and Iced Green Tea Latte. Just like usual ;)

Ice Manias

I got this ice cream for free because I'm a girl! What a nice treat :)
It's called Nutty Green and it's a combination of green tea ice cream, almond, and lychee. It's a Thailand fried ice cream with collagen in it, and it's really yummy!

WOK Noodle

I really enjoy this new vibe of WOK Noodle. Tried out more menu this month, there were Nasi Goreng Sapi and Chicken Basket. Loving both! :D

AIM Biskuit Vegetable Crackers

I randomly found this at my home and tried it. It turned out that I enjoy it so much that I almost ate the whole package. Thankfully I stopped at around half of it. I hate to see another gain on my scale :p

J.CO Yogurt

Enjoying this sweet treat while working at Lenmarc. It's already melting a little but still as delicious!It cost me around 32k to get this medium-sized froyo. I chose oreo (of course!) and strawberry mochi as my toppings :D

Malay Village 

A nice bonding time with family after work. I wanted to visit Starbucks at Sutos because it's the last day of 'Tumbler Amnesty', and my family decided to have dinner there too. Enjoying some delightful meals here. I love Nasi Goreng Rendang! Nasi Goreng Siram is also really nice! Nasi Lemak is a must-try when you're visiting a Malaysian restaurant, of course.

So, that was my long journey this September! You can expect even more exciting things on next month's post! See you soon! ;)

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