Favorites // October 2016

October 31, 2016

Oh my gosh! I can't believe October is over already. How can it be this fast?
That's okay though, because December is coming up real soon! That means it's totally okay to be all Christmassy now! Whoop whoop!

Okay, October has been a month of roller coaster with lots of ups and downs, but it was a really fun month! Let me show you the things that I've been loving this October. I'm gonna need to warn you that it will be a looottt of things. So, let's just start!


For music, I've been enjoying a lot of songs on repeat this month!

Michael Buble is releasing his new album which makes me feel like Christmas is coming already! I've been loving I Believe in You and Nobody But Me from his newest album. If you love his Christmas album, then you're also gonna love this one :)

Little Mix is also releasing a fun new single that I've been loving so much, Shout Out to My Ex! And their voices are as amazing as always!

I also can't stop listening to some hit songs like these ones:

A few of new K-Pop songs also stuck in my head:

On October 30, I found out about this song by James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go, and I've been putting it on loop! The lyrics are just so beautiful :)

I found out this song from this beautiful video of Jonathan and Anna Sacconejolys. So, thank you to the video maker for introducing this song to me, and also to Anna who share the video on her Facebook page! :D

My ears are very spoiled this month! :)


Other than enjoying Once Upon A Time Season 7 and We Got Married, there is this one Japanese dorama that I just found this month and it's sooo GOOD! It's called Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto (A Girl & Three Sweethearts). It's a story of Misaki, a patissier who is asked to work at SeaSons, a family restaurant owned by this three brothers. If you love reading romance manga, then I totally suggest you to watch this dorama! I'm still at episode 7 out of 10, but so far I'm enjoying it very much!


There are some Youtube channels that I love to watch this month!

There is LaurDIY whose videos are really creative and fun! I also really love seeing her and her boyfriend, Alex from Wassabi Productions. Her travel videos are also really nice!

Joan Kim is also another youtuber that I really love to watch. Her channel is mainly about beauty and her days living in South Korea. If you love beauty stuff and Korea, then you should definitely check her out!

I also love watching Sunnydahye's Japan vlogs! Gosh, I hope I can visit Japan soon! But while I'm waiting for the right time, watching her vlogs is more than enough, for now.. :)


There is this one bit that I forgot to include in my September Favorites, it's Shikada Facial Cleansing Wipes from Mitu. I love using it, since it's not that wet, yet it cleans the makeup really well. Perfect for those lazy days when I don't feel like walking to the toilet and wash my face.


There is this one gaming app that I've been loving to play this month! It's LINE RUSH! I just started playing it at the end of the month and I loved it so much. It's kind of similar with Minion Rush, yet it still has a few differences.

Do you know that since Halloween is near, you can find ghost pokemon at Pokemon Go on almost every corner of the street? I caught like a lot of Ghastly and Haunter this month. Really wish I could catch that Hypno, but it ran away.. and yes, I'm still playing Pokemon Go once in a while. My collector soul won't rest until I catch 'em all.

Other than those gaming apps, I've been using Grab for transportation. I'm so thankful that they have IDR 25k promo for weekend. It helps my wallet a lot. The price is already fixed, so you don't really need to worry to much if you're stuck in a traffic jam. However, if you want to transport into plenty of different places, then it will be quite hard, because you need to order a new one at every stop you make.


I finally able to purchase this book by a Korean illustrator, Love is... by Puuung. I got a 100k voucher from my Gramedia member card, that's how I finally able to purchase this book! There is also a bonus notebook that I will totally use, since I just love notebooks so much :D

In October there is also this book sale event called Big Bad Wolf Book Sale which got me so excited! I bought some interesting book and I will write a separate post for this event. Just stay tuned! ;)


If you're talking about my favorite food, there will be quite a lot. I will insert some photos of my favorite ones this month, but the detailed stories will be included in my October Food Travel posts that will coming to you pretty soon too! :D

So for now, please enjoy these beauties:

Also, my favorite place to visit this month is Butter and Bean. I just love the vibe of this place so much! Read the complete story here.


What makes October so special to me is because I'm celebrating birthdays! A lot of birthdays (really, like a lot, a lot!), including mine. I'm so thankful to have the people around me who spoiled me with these delicious cakes and surprises and of course presents! My prayers are with you all :)

Those are my beautiful memories in October. I'm kind of sad it's over, but that's okay since there are a lot of beautiful and fun things happening. I can't wait to share more detailed stories about my adventures in October with you! Please wait patiently for my exciting upcoming posts! ^^

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to find more mouth-watering posts and exciting stories! I'll be glad to meet you there too ;)

See you soon! :D

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  1. Lagu lagunya banyak yang aku suka nih!
    Apalagi litlle mix :)

    1. Halo!
      Wah selera kita sama dong ya! :D
      Little Mix memang lagunya bagus-bagus semua! XD

  2. Waaah iya bentar lagi Natal! Kalo Natal aku jg suka album Christmasnya Buble :)

    1. Iyaa! Belum ada yang bisa ngalahin Christmas Albumnya Buble nih! :D


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