Food Travel // Ranch Market

October 26, 2016

This month, I finally tried the grilled meat that is available at Ranch Market. There were time when it was quite popular in Surabaya, but I didn't get a chance to try it at that time.

I was at Galaxy Mall and decided to had dinner at Ranch Market while waiting for my other friends. There were quite a lot of meat to choose! So, you will choose the meat that you want, then they will cook it for you. Here are the meet that were available at that time:

Here are the food that we (my boyfriend and I) ordered:

It's a salmon with additional fries. Obviously, the fries was the best part of this meal. The salmon still tasted quite fishy, so I didn't really enjoy it that much.

While this one is a plate of beef. The sauce in a little bowl is a BBQ sauce which has a hint of sweet taste in it. Since I'm not the biggest fan of that kind of sauce, I still prefer the chili sauce instead. Well, that's because I love spicy things more than anything though, not because I didn't like the sauce. Please note that :)

As conclusion, I didn't feel anything special with the food. It still had a pretty good taste, but the price is still quite expensive for me, even though everything I bought were on a special price. I spend around 50k for one plate, and I didn't feel full. So, except you're a huge fan of meat, I don't think you'll enjoy it that much.

However, something caught my attention. Ranch Market apparently provides a service for BBQ party! The package starts from IDR 1 million to 5 million. If you're planning on having a BBQ party at your house, maybe you may consider these packages :)

So, that's my short story about my dinner at Ranch Market.

I'm a girl who loves chicken more than beef, so perhaps I should've bought the chicken instead. Well, maybe next time I'll try the chicken here. Let's just see ;)

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