Favorites // September 2016

September 30, 2016

September is over and I just can't wait for OCTOBER already!! Okay, before I get too excited for the next month, let's see what I've been loving this September :D


Red Velvet - Russian Roulette

I'm quite a fan of Red Velvet and I was so curious about their newest song. When the music video was released, I just really needed to watch it. After the first time watching it, I kept playing it again, and again, and again! This music video is really GOOD!! The new song is also really awesome and catchy! Gosh, I fell in love instantly.

Tuhan Adalah Gembalaku

It is a religious song which title translated to: God is My Shepherd. I was looking for a way closer to my Creator and I remembered this one song that I really love back to my church choir days. I find this song very calming.

Jordan Fisher - All I Wanna Do

I found this song on a Spotify playlist by Walt Disney Records, called 'Tiana - Make It Happen'. I love most songs on this playlist! This playlist fills with a lot of encouragement which makes me feel much more positive.

Check out the playlist here

But the one song that caught my attention the most is this song. I've known Jordan Fisher and his beautiful singing voice, but I never know he has an EP already. I just love this song the most from his EP.


Starbucks Indonesia

Starbucks Indonesia just released an app that will make accessing your Starbucks cards much more easier. Really love how convenient it is to check my card balance and stars now. I can even purchase a drink by showing my card via this app. Nice!


I've always loved trivia quiz, and one of my friends introduced me to this app! It has a lot of quizzes inside, you can find quizzes for a lot of topics imaginable. You can play one on one quiz with stranger or you can invite your friends to play with you. It's always fun to get competitive over trivia quizzes ;)


Tous Les Jours - Twist Orange Choco Donut

I am so thankful that I found this bread, because I love it so much! If you love orange chocolates just like me, then you'll love this! Check out the more complete story of my discovery of this awesome bread here

Sambal Rempah & Udang Crispy

I really love this sambal, I ate it everyday with almost anything I had for lunch! I also so fond of 'Udang Crispy'. I think it's the food that you must try when you're visiting Surabaya.


I'd been hating sushi my whole life, until one day I was okay with it, and now I enjoy eating it. I even crave for it sometimes. How weird that people can change so much. This month I've been really enjoying eating sushi. I had one by Suteki Go, and the other one by Hachi Hachi. You can read more about my visit to Hachi Hachi here.

Disney Princess & Star Wars Aqua

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these cute water bottles! I really wanted to buy them all, especially because I love Disney Princesses so much! I ended up buying the Mulan one. Although I would prefer to have Belle or Anna (if only they were available). I guess I love Mulan since she's a warrior and she's Asian, just like me :D

Zee Bar

Well, I never though I would find any other protein bar that's cheaper than FitBar, but apparently I did find something. There was a buy-2-get-1 promo on this protein bar, and it only cost IDR 2.850 each! So, I gladly took three just to try at first. Then, it turns out I love it! So, I bought more! There are two flavors: vanilla and chocolate, and I think both of them taste so good :D


These are my two favorite beauty things this month!

Beauty Blender

The first one is the blue beauty blender. I love the color blue and I never had a beauty blender before! When I finally had it and used it, it feels so joyful. It really does help me blending my foundation and concealer well which makes me so happy :)

Sorry for the stains. As you can see, I used it already :p

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

I always have problems with my dark circle and my teary eye. My tears just wipe out my foundation easily, thus the dark circles are popping up again. It's always convenient to bring a concealer around to fix my dark circles anytime they appear. This product has been recommended by a lot of beauty blogger and now I know why. It has great coverage and it blends well with my skin tone. I'm so happy to have this product around.


Miss Online Shop

I never thought I would love buying clothes online, but this shop is just really great. I found out about this shop from one of my closest friends. I was looking for a choker but then I decided to try ordering two other clothes since they were on sale and it was really cheap anyway. I ordered via the website and didn't really choose the delivery options. Amazingly my package arrived just one day after I paid everything and they directly delivered it. I didn't expect it to be that fast and I was so satisfied with the quality. Plus the size matches me perfectly. Would love to order some other clothes the next time I'm about to pamper myself again :)

Go check out their website and Instagram for the catalog, and believe me the price is really friendly with your wallet.

So, that's all for September and I really can't wait for October!!
Why do I keep saying that? Because it's my second most favorite month of the year! There will be a lot of festivity going on I believe. Stay tune on my blog to read all the stories ;)

See you in October!

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