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September 27, 2016

Hello everyone!

If you have followed me on my Instagram, then you'll know that my family was celebrating my parents' 25th wedding anniversary early this month!

My aunt and I have planned this celebration for a few weeks ahead and it was finally coming true! We reserved a VIP Room at Ming Garden Restaurant on H.R. Muhammad street. They have three VIP Rooms, and there are karaoke machine and TV cable in ours.

We started ordering food and the food just came pouring out! Here's what we had on our table:

The starter... I was so happy they had the chili ready! I love to add spiciness to my food ;)
Chocolate Milkshake and Oreo Milkshake that my siblings ordered (37k).

Sup Kepiting Asparagus - Medium (205,5k)

Sup Hiwan (7,2k each).

Ayam Goreng Crispy - 1/2 chicken (90k)

Mie Ulang Tahun - Medium (126k)

Tahu Goreng Seafood (90k)

Nasi Goreng Ayam - Large (148k)
Sapi Import Special (268k)

Free fruits for dessert! How nice :) These are watermelon and melons.

Here's what our table looked like! :D

Honestly speaking this dinner was too fancy for me. As you can see, the price is too overwhelming. But, since it's a once in 25 years experience, I guess it's still worth it.

The food is delicious too! My favorite one was that beef dish that is the most expensive dish on our table. The beef is so tender and the black pepper taste is just amazing. My other favorites are the Chicken Fried Rice and Seafood Fried Tofu. Who hates fried rice anyway, and tofu is just one of my favorite food in the whole world!

And of course, we wouldn't dare to forget a cake:

Chocolate Fresh Cream Cake #2 (200k)

This is a Tous Les Jours cake which tasted just okay for me. Maybe because I expected it to be much more chocolaty, but it doesn't. Still, it still looked really pretty with the hearts!

So, that's my short adventure at Ming Garden. I will be releasing a lot of #FoodTravel post this week, since I've been so preoccupied early of this month that I didn't write enough. So, now I need to update you on my food traveling experiences this September before this month ends! Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

See you on my next #FoodTravel post! :D

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