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September 18, 2016

Annyeong haseyo!
I can't believe that it's been a year already since my trip to Seoul. I was super excited to visit Korea, and I got even more excited when I knew that I was staying at a hotel in Myeongdong!

As you guys may have known, Myeongdong is a famous shopping district in Seoul, which is, of course, full with a lot of shops. I really enjoyed my visit and stay at Myeongdong, and I did spend quite a lot of time here, since I was staying at the area. So, I want to invite you guys to a short tour to Myeongdong through the photos I took last year. This post is going to be filled with my throwback photos back in September 2015. Let's see what Myeongdong has to offer to you ;)

You can see N-Seoul Tower / Namsan Tower from Myeongdong area

I really fell in love with the street of Myeongdong. Exploring it was such a fun thing to do for me, especially when you love to shop. There are a lot shops, cafes, restaurants, etc that you need to get a map of it. You can get the map at the Tourist Center which is able to speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin. With a map, you can see and choose the stores you want to visit, so your exploration will be much more satisfying.


The first thing you will notice the most is how many cosmetic shops you can see. There are A LOT! Even the same brands have numerous shops that are spread within the area. And what's even more amazing is how affordable all of the cosmetics here. You really need a certain budget to control your beauty shopping spree. You can see how many beauty products I bought at that time from the photos above.

I also really love hoe generous the number of samples the shop assistants gave to me. Etude House even gave me this cute fluffy pen. I was so terribly happy to be able to try some products for free :D

There are also a lot of clothing stores, some are big brands like SPAO and Forever 21, but there are some small shops that sell more affordable clothes too. Other than that, there are some shops that sell bags, the bags are really affordable and nice. You can try and explore Korean style through the fashion items that you can find at Myeongdong.

Want to take a photo wearing Hanbok? You can do it for free at Seoul Global Culture Center! However, you need to come here and make an appointment first, because they have some shifts and duration to have this experience. You can also find a lot of booklets and brochures about Korea here. It's always nice to have more information about the tourist spots that you might be missing.

There are a lot of cute things at Myeongdong, including the souvenirs. Make sure to buy some to be given to your family and friends to show that you're thinking about them while visiting Korea ;)

Myeongdong also has an Underground Shopping Center that connect you to the subway station and also make you cross the big road to reach this mall: Lotte Young Plaza! There are some brands like Uniqlo and Zara here. I also found this Stardium store which has EXO official merchandise. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy anything since it was too expensive for me.

There is also this brand that sell really cute shoes. I forget the exact name (mianhae ㅠ_), but I think you will spot them easily. I also saw this store in other various places like DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza).

at this plaza you can also find LINE Friends Store! Which I was so excited to visit!

There are so many cute things you can find in this store, especially when you're a fan of Brown and Cony like me! Right now, LINE Friends has a new store at Myeongdong, right in front of the hotel where I stayed last year, and it has the big Brown doll! If only the store had been opened the time I was there..

and of course, what's not to love from Myeongdong than its street food vendors!

There are A LOT of options! When the night comes, Myeongdong street will be full of street food vendors. However, the food is kind of pricey. Most of them cost around 3.000 for one portion, which was around IDR 30k at that time. Can you imagine paying 30k for a stick of satay?

It doesn't mean that you must not try some of them though. Just pick the ones that you're really interested in, so that it will worth the money you pay for it. Another tip is too share your food with your travel mates. Each of you can buy different food and you can have a small bite to try the variety of food that you all buy.

You can always find a lot of interesting food in the convenient stores too. I was so tempted to buy a lot of things. The must try is of course the famous Banana Milk! It's so tasty! I kept on buying it every single day, as well as the Starbucks coffee. FYI, you need to pay for the plastic bag at the convenient store, so make sure you prepare a bag when you buy a lot of stuff.

and last but not least, you must try the cafe in Korea.

Add caption
A useful device that will let you know when your order is ready. All cafes in Korea use this. 

If you're a fan of Hello Kitty then you should definitely visit this cafe! The interior is so beautiful and it's a good spot to take a picture, I ordered Sweet Potato Latte which was really yummy!

Cheese Bingsu!

And of course you need to try bingsu (Korean shaved ice cream) while you're in Korea! There are a lot of cafes that sell bingsu. So, just find the one you will like ;)

That concludes this not-so-short tour to Myeongdong through the photographs. I do love Myeongdong so much, and I really wish I can visit this place again in the future.

If you're going to visit Myeongdong very soon, I hope this preview will help you get excited about it. If you have a question about it, just write it down on the comment box below and I will try to answer it the best I can.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. cuteness overload! and the foods look so tasty T__T hope I can visit Korea soon! :D

    1. Hi Lulu!
      Thank you for reading ^^
      Praying that you'll be able to visit Korea soon :D
      Have a nice Monday :)


  2. mupeengg..lucu2 banget, ini nih salah satu yg bikin kangen travel ke luar negri

    1. Hi Mira!
      Yup! Ngeliat foto-foto traveling memang mbuat jadi pengen traveling lagi yaa! XD


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