Hacks to Unlock Your iOS 10 iPhone Screen

September 23, 2016

Have any of you installed iOS 10? If you have, then you might have some changes that you like, and some that you don't. For me, I like the new tone for typing and locking your screen. It's much more subtle and less high pitch, which makes it less annoying to listen to.

However I really don't enjoy this one:

I was like: Are you trying to ruin my home button?

I still use iPhone 5, so I can't just simply unlock my screen using finger prints. I was so annoyed at first, but then I was looking for other ways to unlock my iPhone without touching that fragile home button. Here are some hacks that I found along the way:

Use Assistive Touch

Apparently you still can press the home button on the Assistive Touch and it works just the same. However, (I'm not sure if it's just my iPhone or not) I find the Assistive Touch on my iPhone experiences so many glitches. There are times when I will tap the home button and nothing happens. Sometimes I even need to tap Device > More > Multitasking to get out of the app I'm using, which is somehow annoying.

When the home button on the Assistive touch is experiencing a glitch, I need to have other ways to unlock my screen of course.

Use Your Notifications

It's easier to just jump into an app while the notification is popping up on your screen. Even when it's not, you can open the 'Notification List' when you slide down the top of your screen, then find the notification from the app you want to open.

If you can't find any notification from the app that you want to open, then:

Use Siri App Suggestions

You can find it when you slide right to the left side of your screen. I always put this on top to make sure I have easier access to my favorite apps.

There are some other ways that will be useful when you're actually taking a photo or listening to the music, or you can just these hacks randomly whenever you feel like. Here's how:

While Taking a Photo

Your camera is now located at the right side of the locked screen, so you need to slide left to open it. After taking some pictures you can tap the square at the bottom left and you can see the photos that you just took. You can unlock your screen when you tap 'All Photos' at the top right of the screen. It will directly open the screen where you will be needing to input your passcode.

While Listening to the Music

You can check out your music at the Control Center by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen, or you can also use the Assistive Touch to open it. Then you can slide left, and you can see the song that is currently playing or the song that you just played lately. You just simply need to tap the song description or the album art to unlock your phone :)

Well, those are a few hacks that I found to avoid pressing my home button. If you have more hacks, don't forget to share your ideas on the comment box below! And also I would love to hear your opinion about this new iOS 10!

Hope you enjoy these hacks and see you on the next post! :D

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