Food Travel // Starbucks, Hachi Hachi & Zucker Waffle

September 28, 2016

Three places in one day! Whatta day ;)

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was waiting for my boyfriend to come while I already saved us a seat close to the electricty outlet (one of the most important thing to look for at a cafe, especially when you're having a low battery!). Guess, where I was waiting:


Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls (47k) & Iced Vanilla Tea Jelly Milk (free)
There was a buy-1-get-another-one-for-free promo at Starbucks, since they're promoting their newest tea range called, Teavana. We decided to try the pomegranate one and get this free vanilla tea. I honestly prefer the vanilla one, because it's sweeter, yet the sensation of the small pearls on the hibiscus tea was quite a unique and great sensation. The two of them were just nice, but I still prefer my coffee for my dose of caffeine :D

I guess I'm still that coffee person.

Next up, we wandered around the mall and looking for a place to have lunch, or brunch frankly. Since I just newly introduced to the awesomeness of sushi, I just can't help to have a bite. Then, we decided to visit this place:

Hachi Hachi

Crunchy Roll (42k)

Chicken Katsu Parmesan (43k)

Our whole menu for lunch! We only drank one Cold Ocha (14k) together, we just had a drink anyway :p

I really enjoyed my Crunchy Roll, since it still has fried food within. I don't think I'm ready to dive into anything raw, anytime soon. The pasta is just as amazing as always. It's one of my favorite dish here, so if you love pasta as much as I do, I think you're going to love the Chicken Katsu Parmesan.

One small incident happen though. I remembered correctly that I paid them with enough money, but they claimed that my money wasn't enough. Being bewildered at that moment, I gave the waiter another 50k bill, then hurriedly opened my wallet and counted my money again. And yes! I did give them enough already! So, I went to the cashier to complain, and they gave me back my 50k smoothly.

Always have your full attention when you're paying for something! So, you will know for sure whether you've already given enough money or not.

After that small incident, I was trying to brightening my mood again. Then, our friends were asking to visit this new place nearby. So, we just went there:

Zucker Waffle

This is a new waffle house in town, which already has a branch in Jakarta and currently spreading its wings to Surabaya :D

Here are a few wonuts that were available at the time we arrived at the location:

These are the menus:

When you walked into the store this is what you will see:

I ordered Mint Oreo wonut since I love mint and oreos but never tried to combine. It was quite a fascinating taste to me.

Mint Oreo Wonut (10k) & Iced Tea (6k)

I also love this chili cheese fries! Ate it all up happily :)

Tex Mex Chili Cheese Fries (22k)

This waffle burger has a nice tender meat that I love.

Australian Sirloin Steak Waffle Burger (40k)

These are a few things that our friends ordered:

These wonuts were available when we already ordered everything. So, I just took some pictures of them:

And this is how the store looked like at the front:

I guess this store is a combination of two brands, one that sells waffle, and the other one sells food like Kue Cubit and Indomie.

After all, I think they need more improvement on the interior and vibe at the first floor, because I think it was rather plain. The wall near my seat was plain white. I was hoping for more identity of the brand to be visible. The second floor is pretty good though. I hope to see more improvements in the future for these two brands :)

That's it for my adventurous day with food. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed my food.
See you on my next #FoodTravel stories :)

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